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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 31, 2011 

                       "Of course, all people are sons of God, but only a few have completely recognized this.  Only a few have prepared their minds to receive this truth with all its meaning; with all its power, majesty and might.  Now you are one of these.  You have decided to live as though this were true.  A deep and abiding faith has come to you.  Therefore, you are fortunate among men.  Not that God has favored you above others; rather, you have chosen this path and you are going to walk in it.” - Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You, pg. 128

     There are people who will read these words and still not be convinced that it is the truth.  We have been conditioned by the world in which we live to feel doubt and to be suspect when words like these come to our attention.  Or, we feel that people like Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus were perhaps "sons of God" but we fail to see evidence of this in our life or the lives of people around us.  After all, aren't there plenty of "bad people" in the world who do bad things to themselves and to others, so how could this be so?  Yet, even when we look at some of the people in history who have committed atrocities, we realize that what they did was a choice that they made based on ignorance of "what" they were and "what" we all are; a part of G-d.  What Dr. Holmes is teaching us is not new ... the radical Jesus gave us this same teaching over 2,000 years ago.

        “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” - words attributed to Jesus, Matthew 5:14,16

     And so now we have it, "we are the light of the world" ... and "light" symbolizes Intelligence.  The light and love of G-d are within us and this means that we have the guidance and the love of G-d available to us at all times.  Each and every one of us can make use of this knowledge by fostering in our consciousness that this is the truth for us.  This "light of G-d" is a "light of truth" that we can rely on to guide us, to bring to our awareness ideas and solutions for greater success, prosperity and health, or anything that we require.

     Nothing is real to us until we make it real and this has to happen in our mind, first.  In reality, we already have every solution to every problem that we may confront.  In reality, we already have every idea that we need to prosper and succeed in whatever we choose.  We just must lift up our awareness to realize them.  And so we use affirmative prayer to reveal in our mind a greater truth about ourselves.  The following is from "This Thing Called You" by Dr. Ernest Holmes:
I know that I am a perfect being now, living under perfect conditions today.
Knowing that good alone is real, I know that there is one Power which acts and reacts in my experience, in my body and in my thought.
I know that good alone has power either to act or react.
Everything I do, say or think today shall be done, said or thought from this spiritual viewpoint - that God, Who is Life, is in everything [including me].
I know that this recognition establishes the law of harmony in my experience, the law of prosperity, a sense of happiness, peace, health and joy.
Today I hold communion with this invisible Presence which peoples the world with the manifestations of Its Life, Its Light and Its Love.
I withdraw the veil which hides my real self, and draw close to the Spirit in everything and in everyone.
I accept everything that belongs to this Spirit.
I claim everything that partakes of Its nature.

     Let us go over these words and say them to ourselves until they "feel real" to us.  Let us get into the spirit of establishing these words in our consciousness by reading them silently and out-loud, and then, let us stand up and read them out loud with conviction and faith.  Let us "choose to believe" that we are the light of the world, that within us is a "spark of the Divine" so illuminated that we must release it through good works and to the glory of G-d, Infinite Spirit.  Let us be lifted up in the spirit and believe in ourselves to a greater measure than we ever have before.  Let us be as bold as the radical Jesus in declaring the truth about ourselves and declare that "I am One with the only One in the universe."

      Most of all, let us be grateful that we are becoming ever more aware of the truth that can set us free of human limitation and lack.  Let us be grateful to the radical Jesus and for those who have revealed this greater truth to the world so that we may become aware of it.  The most important aspect of G-d that we must foster and nurture in our consciousness is that G-d is Intelligence; All-Knowing ... and this "All-Knowing" is within us.  We can say with certainty that there is nothing that can obstruct us from the good desires that Spirit, has brought to our awareness and placed in our hearts and minds.  The truth that we know is that our good desires are G-d desiring for us to "reveal" Its Power, Its Presence, Its Intelligence ... in all things that concern us.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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