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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 

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                  "The real spiritual man's relation to his Father, God, is much the same as that of the sunbeam to the sun.  Nothing can separate from the sun any of its rays.  Made of its substance, partaking of its nature - its image and likeness - the sun gives to each a particular mission, a certain angle to fill with its light and heat.  Man is God's offspring (Acts 17:29), coexists with Him, is eternal.  Connected with the Source of supply nothing can prevent all that he needs from being his, life, breath, and all things.  Like the sunbeam each man has his own angle to fill, his special work to do; and in order that he may have all possible assistance God has given him dominion over everything - everything except his brother man.  Thus each individual is a part of the divine plan necessary to the perfect whole." - Nora Holm, The Runner's Bible

      As we establish this identification and unification with G-d in our consciousness, we may have moments where we feel separated from the Presence.  This separation is due to the influence of the "collective consciousness" that continues to believe in a god somewhere "out there" ... that is separate and apart from us.  But, in truth, we cannot be alive and be separated from G-d, for G-d is our very life.  Each of us are called to express G-d's life in our own individual way as infinite individualizations of the One.  G-d has not copied or duplicated any single one of us.  Nor will any of our experiences ever be exactly the same as anyone else's for we are always experiencing our own individual consciousness.

     We are accustomed to hearing that spiritual or religious people are "called" to their particular work or mission, but this "calling" is simply their responding to the "desire" within them by acting on it.  The reality is that we are all "called" to something for we all have felt the "desire" to do something, to have something, or to be something.  Our "desires" are the Divine guiding us to that which will give us a greater experience of life.  No good desire comes to our awareness unless we have in consciousness what it takes to see it fulfilled.  Or, we at least have what it takes for the Spirit to prepare us for something greater.  But, it is up to us to maintain the strength of our desires, for it is our strong desires that cause the unformed substance of Spirit to be made manifest as that which we particularize it to be.

     Nora Holm shares with us the wisdom of knowing that G-d has given us dominion over everything, that is, everything except other people.  In the science of mind we recognize the Power of G-d as "universal" ... which means it works for everyone in the same way ... and not only does It work for everyone in the same way, It gives to each of us equally ... and the most important gift we receive is "freedom of choice."  We can choose to express our talents and abilities in any way we want.  We can choose to live anywhere we want and in any way we want.  But, we cannot choose any of these things for anyone else ... no matter how much we may love them or hate them.  What this means to us in our individual experiences is that we are not to "outline" ... that is, tell the Infinite "how" to manifest our good ... or "who" to include in it.  These things we must "surrender" to the Spirit that knows all and works intelligently for us.  Our responsibility is to maintain the strength of the desire within us and keep faith with the Infinite to bring it to pass.  And It will, as long as it does not take the freedom to choose away from anyone else.  This may appear to be bad news for those who pray that others will change ... or that their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend ... who has left them will return or love them more or change into the perfect husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend ... they will only change if they choose to ... G-d does not choose for them or effect any changes within them without their consent.  We cannot change anyone ... we can only change our thoughts about them and our relationship to them.  Persistence in attempting to take someone else's liberty from them will only make us miserable ... and we will not achieve a greater life experience for it.

     We have been created for G-d to express Itself through us.  We should try to never lose sight of this.  This is why the first Book of the Bible and the Torah, Genesis, reveals that we are made in the "image and likeness of G-d."  And in the New Testament, 1 Corinthians 3:16, we can read:  "Do you not know that you are a temple of G-d and that the Spirit of G-d dwells in you?"  And as this Spirit of G-d brings to our awareness a desire that will provide for us a greater life experience, we must know, in faith, that the Spirit is choosing to experience this through us.  As we accept our good desires as ours immediately when they come to our awareness, we are trusting in G-d's "good pleasure to give to us" that which we desire for ourselves.

     From Dr. Joseph Murphy:  "Desire is the cause of all feeling and action, and it is the moving principle of the universe.  Learn that there is an Infinite Intelligence within you which can fulfill your desire, and you will overcome all sense of opposition and frustration.  There is a power within you which will lift you up, set you on the high road to happiness, health, and the realization of your fondest dreams."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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