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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, August 3,  2014

           Every Sunday message in August, 2014 will be devoted to increasing our awareness of the potential within us to experience financial prosperity.  My hope and my prayer is that each of you will find something within these messages that unlocks the prospering power within you.  As we give, we receive, and so we know that as we give our time and attention to the spiritual principles that will be presented in these messages we shall receive that right idea, that greater awareness, that empowered faith, that will prosper us abundantly.

          Throughout the ages the Intelligence of G-d has revealed to people that the world in which we live contains an abundance for all; enough to share and to spare.  And in our seeking our good we shall find ourselves experiencing not only the Love of G-d, but also the Law of G-d with absolute certainty.  Yet, this requires our mind to be open to the Infinite, to the Great Unseen Intelligence that must work through us in order to work for us.  

        This is what the great Eric Butterworth writes in his book, Discover The Power Within You: 
"The law is, "It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" (Luke 12:32).  God is all-sufficiency - your instant, constant, and abundant supply.  But you will experience only that which you can take into your consciousness.  Thus any limitation must be a limitation in thought, in the faith that shapes the substance.  Light streaming through a window will always assume the shape and color of the aperture through which it comes.  The wealth of the universe will be yours to the degree that you "see" it and see yourself using it."  

         In order for us to fully understand the Master Mind Jesus' statement from the Gospel of Luke, we must know how he defined the word "Father."  He said, "the Father is Spirit" ... and in this we can know that Spirit, is Mind, and Jesus is referring to the nature of this Unseen Intelligence and Power of G-d.  It is G-d's nature to give, to co-create through us based on our thoughts and that which we can conceive to be true for us.  And in aligning our mind with the nature of G-d we always have the potential to enlarge our capacity to conceive of the greater things still that at present we may have no awareness of.

Let's look again at Eric Butterworth's words:  "The intellect of man (mankind), the skeptical part of your nature and mine, stands in the way.  We say, "After all, you must be practical.  If five thousand people are sitting on a hillside out in the country and all they have on hand is five small loaves and two fishes, those people are just not going to be fed."  But they were fed.  When Alexander Graham Bell had his telephone demonstration all set up, there were many skeptics who jeered and said, "When you have someone a hundred miles away, hooked up with only a small wire, you may talk all you want into that little black box, but they just won't hear you."  But they did hear.  And millions of times a day the same sort of hearing goes on around the world in the sophisticated telephones that have evolved from that first simple prototype. ... Again let us say, don't get lost in the mechanics.  The miracle is the abundance of God in terms of ideas, in terms of ways where there seems to be no way.  It really doesn't matter how the multitudes were fed.  All that counts is that the supply was manifest when it was needed, where it was needed, and in the amounts in which it was needed."

       It is only when we practice the truth that we know that our consciousness opens to an even greater awareness of the Power and Intelligence that is available to us to realize the greater thing that we are to have, to do and to experience.  Ideas that perhaps we would dismiss in the past cause us to act upon them.  We intuitively know that we are being guided and directed to that something that will create within us a greater interest in life, a greater enthusiasm, and a more prosperous experience.

        Let me finish with these words from Paramahansa Yogananda, the founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship:
"Every day, do some good to help others, even if it is only a pittance. If you want to love God you must love people. They are His children. You can be helpful materially by giving to the needy; and mentally by giving comfort to the sorrowful, courage to the fearful, divine friendship and moral support to the weak. You also sow seeds of goodness when you interest others in God, and cultivate in them greater love for God, deeper faith in Him. When you leave this world, material riches will be left behind; but every good that you have done will go with you. Wealthy people who live in miserliness, and selfish people who never help others, do not attract wealth in their next life. But those who give and share, whether they have much or little, will attract prosperity. That is the law of God."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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Dr. Ernest Holmes

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