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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 5, 2007 

              "Man's mind is the Mind of God functioning at the level of man's understanding of his place in the Universe.  Man contacts the Mind of God at the center of his own being.  It is useless to seek elsewhere.  "The Highest God and the inner-most God is One God."  Through the medium of Mind man unifies with the Universe and contacts a Power that can do anything for him that he is able to conceive of Its doing.  Of course, this Power will never deny Its own Nature." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

       As Dr. Holmes states in his writings above, we contact God at the center of our being ... through our mind.  And the medium which connects us with the Power of God, is the Law of Mind.  It is no different than mathematics ... two times two equals four, no matter who you are or what you are dealing with.  The Law of Mind is similar ... we make a decision in mind to have something, do something or be something ... and to the degree that we give the power of faith to this decision ... we get the result ... and everyone who uses this method gets the same result ... the result of their decision.

     I am often asked about the "feeling" we experience in treatment or prayer.  There is a feeling that comes to us while we are praying or treating ... it is the feeling of "acceptance" of the thing we are praying or treating for.  But this feeling is not as important as the feelings that come to us as we move forward into the world.  Do we still have this "feeling" of acceptance when things happen that "appear" to hinder us from our demonstration?  Most of us have "moments" when we have to "decide" where our power is ... in the situations that confront us ... or in the faith in the Power that "moved" us to choose the thing that we have declared to accept for ourselves.  The degree that we have faith in this Power working through our Law of Mind, and the intensity of it, will effectively influence the demonstration that we receive.

     As I mentioned above, the Law of Mind is similar to mathematics ... it is definite and specific.  In order to use It effectively, we must make a definite decision ... It does not respond to either/or scenarios ... It works towards that which is specific only ... and we must be definite about what we want.  If we are indecisive, then we are not ready to work with the Law.  Instead we should pray for guidance and direction until we are certain as to what we want to accomplish.

     Often, prayer-treatment is not effective because we are "resisting" something rather than "increasing" that which we have.  If we are embarrassed by the state of our financial affairs, or anything else for that matter, we must "heal" this by realizing that what we have at this moment is the result of past thinking, and as we "lift" our thoughts higher and accept more Good in our experience, the Good will appear.  If our past relationships have not been successful and we desire to demonstrate a successful, loving relationship or marriage ... we must turn from the thoughts and memories of the past and focus our energy on that which we want ... that which is already available to us the moment we make the decision to turn from the past and give our attention entirely to the new.  We must realize that happiness and joy are part of God ... and as our mind takes in the idea of experiencing more happiness and joy ... the Infinite responds to us through the Law of Mind ... for we are aligning our thoughts and images with Its nature.  It is normal and natural to be happy and to enjoy life ... and the Universe supports us in our happiness and joy.

     As we work with the Law of Mind it is incumbent upon us to mentally refuse to dabble with "self-depreciation" ... even in a humorous way.  The Law does not recognize a joke ... It takes the words and thoughts that we give It and responds to them.  And, all too often, self-deprecating humor touches on thoughts about ourselves that we truly believe unconsciously ... and if we want to demonstrate our Good ... we don't want to spend our time healing all the old stuff ... "let the dead bury the dead" ... the Master Mind Jesus stated.

Too many people believe that they must heal every momentary thought or action that they have experienced in the past.  Life is not for healing but for revealing our perfection and wholeness.  As we work to demonstrate the Good that we desire the old stuff will take care of itself.  There is nothing quite like great success, prosperity, love and happiness to diminish the memories of yesterday's seeming troubles.  Let's not concern ourselves about the past or the future ... but work in this present moment to enrich our capacity to conceive of a greater Life experience than we have even imagined for ourselves in the past.  "Let not your heart be troubled ..." ... the Universe is holding nothing against us ... and let's not do it either.  Our steadfast faith ... is more than a feeling ... it is power.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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