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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, August 5, 2012 

         "The Lord says:  These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.  Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men." - Isaiah 29:13, The Holy Bible (NIV)

"Psalm 37:9, "Those that wait on the Lord shall inherit the earth."  But this is another one of those cases where a dubious translation has led to confusion.  To wait on the Lord doesn't mean sitting on your hands, a kind of procrastination.  The Hebrew word from which we get the word wait is qavah, which literally means "to bind together."  Thus, to wait on the Lord means to integrate yourself with the power and potential of your spiritual nature, to get yourself plugged in, tuned in, and turned on. ... The waiting is not a matter of time, but of consciousness." - Eric Butterworth, The Universe Is Calling

       Throughout Jesus' ministry he kept repeating that faith and belief were the spiritual coin necessary for us to receive an affirmative result from our prayers.  Every one of us has faith, and a great deal of faith at that, but we aren't always conscious of what we are having faith in.  And there are those who will tell us that most people have a greater faith in the negative and the morbid than they do in the positive and that which is life affirming.  Yet, the good news is, we can direct our faith just as we can direct our thoughts and energies to that which is appealing and constructive.

     The first thing we must realize when our thoughts turn to the Spirit, is that there are no limitations or condemnations associated with our relationship to G-d.  None.  And this is a very hard thing for religious people to fathom.  By this, I mean those who have spent years in religions that are more concerned about "sins" and what is "wrong" with us than that which is right about us.  We weren't born in sin and neither do we need to be "born again" ... all we need to do is to direct our thoughts toward that which is of G-d and get into the spirit of believing and knowing that we have the power to choose the direction of our life and to determine the conditions and circumstances in which we are to live.  This is the power that Jesus referred to when he said, "don't ye know that ye are gods?" ... in other words, don't you know that you have the power of faith and belief to choose the good even when confronted with adversity?  And always he asked those who came to him for healing, "do you believe?" ... "do you have faith?"

     Whatever it is that we want or desire to experience, we must go from want and desiring to believing in order to receive.  Does this mean that all will come to us without effort?  Of course not.  It takes great effort on our part, especially at first, to condition our mind to choose the positive and the affirmative when faced with negative and some times even nasty situations and personalities.  Those of us who are living in conditions that disturb our mind; i.e. debt, illness, difficult personal relationships, unemployment, etc. shall have to re-establish in their mind that they do have the power to choose and this does not always come easy to us.  A change in consciousness can sometimes require a complete change in personality and mental attitude ... this is what the religious call the "born again" transformation.  And it is a transformation that is required and the more complete the transformation the more positive the changes will be in our life experience.  

      "Sometimes the veil which Jesus drew over this great truth was very transparent.  To the Samaritan woman he spoke of it as a spring of Life forever welling up in the innermost recesses of man's being; and again, to the multitude assembled at the Temple, he spoke of it as a river of Life forever gushing from the secret sources of the spirit within us.  Life, to be ours at all, must be ourselves.  An energy which only passed through us, without being us, might produce a sort of galvanic activity, but it would not be Life.  Life can never be a separate entity from the individuality which manifests it; and therefore, even if we conceive the life-principle in a man so intensified as to pulsate with what might seem to us an absolutely divine reality, it would still be no other than the man himself.  Thus Jesus directs us to no external source of life, but ever teaches that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and that what is wanted is to remove those barriers of ignorance and ill-will which prevent us from realizing that the great "I am" ... which is the innermost Spirit of Life throughout the universe, is the same "I am that I am" ... whoever I may be." - Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power, copyright 1921

     I believe that most people have a fairly good image of themselves and a healthy measure of confidence, but I believe that in this world of "divisive" politics and religions, too many of us lose sight of the truth that what we "identify" in others as "real" ... or what is "true" about them ... becomes our own truth and our own experience.  Jesus was adamant in his teaching that we are not to "judge" or to put down other people.  This is why he said it was "equally important" that we love our neighbor as our self.  And, he didn't mean those neighbors that look like us, talk like us, believe like us, and agree with us!  Whatever we desire or want for ourselves, we must want this for all others.  If we want a good marriage, then we must make this allowance in our mind that a good marriage for all who desire one is possible and we want this for them too.  If we want to be healthy and happy, then at every opportunity rather than accepting lack of health and happiness in others, affirm that they too deserve to be healthy and happy.  This is a simple instruction of Jesus but one that can bring to us a greater and more wonderful life experience than we have ever imagined. 

     The more our mind is focused on the good, the more our mind is in tune with the Infinite ... and in this recognition and identification with the good, we shall receive an increasing measure of good in all things. In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7, we find that the Master Mind Jesus summed it up like this:  "For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you."  In other words, we cannot have that which we would deny to others.  And the more harsh our judgment of others, the more harsh our corresponding experience shall be.  This Law of "sowing and reaping" cannot fail and cannot be manipulated.  But as we believe more ... more good ... more joy ...  for ourselves and for all others, we shall receive this more without fail.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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