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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 7, 2011 

                       "It is little wonder that, having discovered the inward authority of the Divine Presence, Jesus, like Moses, called others to follow him, proclaiming a way of life and truth.  For the secret was not to be to him alone, but a light unto the feet of every man.  It was not to be a Power that he alone knew how to use, for he said, He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do. ... Jesus laid down the Divine gauntlet.  To refuse to pick it up would be to stand in darkness when there is light at hand. - Ernest Holmes, Living The Science of Mind, pgs. 54,55

     The radical Jesus called us to believe, to have faith, and in the evolutionary science of mind we find that these are prerequisites for answered prayer.  Yet, the world has given us many things that contradict the principles of faith and belief.  Luck and miracles, remain in the collective consciousness and both of these contradict the scientific principles taught by the radical Jesus and legitimate metaphysical teachers.  Spiritual Law is scientific and universal, it works the same for everyone, everywhere.  Neither luck, chance, fate or miracles, work for everyone.  We cannot "rely" on any of these for there is no natural or spiritual law to support them.  However, we can depend on our faith in that which is universal, always available, and personal to us ... the Law of G-d.

Hundreds of thousands of people fill the casinos around the world hoping that luck, or chance or some kind of magic, will give them the prosperity and financial security that they desire.  People will lose money and blame luck or win money and credit luck for the win.  But, the Law of G-d is a Law of Mind, and so nothing outside of us, that is outside of our consciousness, can be depended on to prosper us or do anything for us, even G-d.  We have heard or we have read, that "G-d can do for us only what G-d can do through us" and this is an absolute truth.  But, you may ask, why do some people appear to be luckier than others ... or isn't luck and chance involved in winning the Lotteries?  On the surface this may appear to be true, but it only appears to be true because we do not have knowledge of the inner workings of the minds of the individuals who have won lotteries or great sums of money in casinos.

     Consciousness is everything and thinking otherwise will only lead us to shift responsibility from our own consciousness to something or someone outside of us ... and this can create chaos in our lives.  There are no miracles to be experienced in life, only natural results of universal law.  Would we consider the responsiveness of gravity a miracle or would we consider it a natural, universal law?  Miracles are the result of a lack of awareness of the Law of Mind.  What may seemingly be considered a miracle is simply the result of a faith and a belief in the mind of the person experiencing the seeming miracle. 

     A belief in luck brings with it the belief in both "good luck" and "bad luck" ... no one can deny this is so.  Looking for a miracle can cause us to dismiss the necessity of developing our consciousness and preparing our mind to accept and receive the good that we desire.  Both luck and miracles can also foster fear in our mind.  Dr. O. C. Smith summed it up by stating, "fear is the child of an undeveloped consciousness."  The radical Jesus stated clearly that if we believe as he believed, and did what he did, we could do what he did and greater things still.  He was speaking to the Spiritual Law that "what one can do, all can do" ... no exceptions ... and luck and miracles have nothing to do with it ... G-d is no respecter of persons, including Lady Luck.

     We become that which we contemplate, that which we choose to accept for ourselves.  Our good desires surface in our conscious mind because at some level of consciousness we believe these things are ours to have, to do or to be.  What we can do is develop the consciousness of "having" them. 
Let us affirm that we have the consciousness that accepts and receives a greater good, an increasing measure of good.  Take the time to sit in the silence and "feel the reality of having, being, and doing" the thing that we desire and it will show up in the right and perfect time.  Dr. Joseph Murphy taught, "When you are tense, anxious, jittery, and worried, dwell on this great truth:  "For G-d hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  Take these words into the silence of your mind and dwell on them and contemplate what they mean to you personally.  Keep faith with yourself and realize that who you are is important and necessary.  You have the opportunity to glorify G-d and the Law of G-d.  Choose to do so.  Choose to align you mind with the Law and Love of G-d and live in the experience of your good desires ... these are G-d's desires for you.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi