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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 

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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 8, 2010 

                  "Many people say, "If I affirm, "I am successful" when I am a failure, or if I say to myself, "I am wealthy" when I am broke, I am lying to myself, and I seem to get worse and experience the opposite of what I affirm or claim to be true."  ... The reason for this is that the belief in lack, failure, and limitation is dominant in their subconscious mind, and every time they affirm wealth, they resurrect the thought of lack.  They fail to understand how to tap the riches of the Infinite, because they don't know the workings of the mind. ... For those who honestly feel that lack of understanding, I recommend a very simple procedure by asking them a simple question:  Do you believe in wealth, that bountiful wealth exists, and that the Infinite cannot fail?  It is all powerful and there is nothing to oppose it.  Therefore, success is a principle of life." - Dr. Joseph Murphy, D.D., D.R.S., Ph.D., LLD.

      Far too many of us continue to believe that we will have wealth, but have yet to attain any measurable increase in our income.  I believe the reason for this is that most people do not understand that money is an "effect" ... not a "cause" ... and until we increase our understanding of "cause" and "effect" in regards to wealth, we won't become much wealthier than we are today.  Money does not make us rich.  Our consciousness of abundance makes us rich.  And each of us have the ability to develop a consciousness of abundance as we get into the spirit of living in a universe that is filled with an abundance of all things.   

     Whenever we think about something, we connect with it in Mind.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus knew that he was always connected with G-d, Infinite Mind.  When we dwell on the good, we are in essence, dwelling on G-d, for all the good that will ever be available to us, is part of G-d.  The Radical Jesus said, "don't call me good, only the Father is good."  He was speaking of the infinite abundance that is available to us as we dwell in our mind on G-d and on the qualities of G-d that creates within us an awareness of infinite good.

     Often people will write to me and tell me that they know that they have demonstrated the negative conditions that they are experiencing.  And I agree with them, but I also know that what we are experiencing today is what we have believed in the past ... but, we can change our beliefs and what we think about.  Most of us have demonstrated negative conditions because we did not realize that G-d would respond to us in the affirmative, if we were affirming the good rather than the negative.  The Master Mind Jesus' declaration that "it is done unto you as you believe" is the truth for all of us.  But, it is not just the truth, it is the truth all the time.  It is the truth in what we believe about ourselves and the truth of what we believe about others.  Every idea that is accepted in our mind as the truth, is responded to and often multiplied abundantly ... both the positive and the negative.  We cannot be reminded of this too often for it is imperative that we not only understand it, but that we make the mental effort to direct our thoughts more consciously to the good.

     So many of us seek money thinking that it will give us security, peace of mind, happiness and freedom ... but it can't.  Money has no power over these things in our lives.  And for some of us, money can make a misery where there was none.  Many people who become rich with money allow the money to influence them to the point that they become miserable ... to themselves and to others.  Money-rich people can be so fearful of losing their money that they become consumed with keeping as much money for themselves as they can, even when it means they short-change others and become indifferent to the needs of people around them.  This stifles the Law of Circulation and blocks the flow of wealth.  This "entitlement" mentality only makes for a life of frustration and angst, and few realize that they have done it to themselves.  It is the difference between a consciousness of wealth and being money-rich.  When we have a consciousness of wealth we know that no matter how much we pay out, give out, or even perhaps lose in the stock market, our money will rise to the level of our consciousness of wealth again automatically.

     The truth-statement,  "money flows from us, not to us," is difficult for many people to grasp.  Credit cards and easy financing have failed us in our quest to demonstrate wealth and instead we have demonstrated debt, because we have given them the power of "cause" when they are merely "effects" ... and sadly, the effects of debt consciousness.  When we make the mental effort to develop a consciousness of wealth, sufficient power will flow from this consciousness out into our world of experience and attract to us money and all things necessary that match our consciousness of wealth.  We don't have to go into debt to have the things we want, or to short-change anyone, or clip coupons or any other such nonsense, our consciousness of wealth will attract its own with precision ... "as within, so without."  That which we are to have by divine right, does not require a credit card or a debt which we cannot pay.

     Let us turn within to our consciousness and dwell on that which we desire to experience.  Let's go to G-d, in our mind, with the joy of knowing that as we feel at peace with our desires and accept them with a quiet confidence, we . shall experience them.  Take the time each day to let the power that dwells within us, connect us to our good ... in other words, "wait on the Lord" ... for when that which is perfect comes, that which is imperfect, based on our new wealth consciousness, will come to an end.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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