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Weekly Message for Sunday, August 10, 2003

                       As we embody the statement from the Master Mind Jesus, "it is done unto you as you believe," we can rest assured that our beliefs are creating our experiences.  We don't have to ask anyone to help us .. we don't have to endlessly seek for answers ... and we don't have to knock on doors to find out what it is that is creating our experiences ... this statement gives us the answer.

           I have had so many people tell me that they pray scientifically or do treatment and nothing in their life is changing.  And for so many of us this is true.  The conditions and circumstances in our lives cannot change as long as we continue to hold the same beliefs and thoughts about the conditions and circumstances.  In Religious Science we understand the mystical statement, "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment."  In other words, we must look at the conditions and circumstances in our lives and "know" that what they "appear" to be ... is what we think about them ... and as we change our thoughts and beliefs about them ... change occurs.  Now, this does not mean that by some stroke of "magic" everything "appears" as we would like it to be ... but instead, everything begins to "appear" as it "rightly" is ... Good and Very Good.  For example, if we hold the idea of poverty, our experiences will testify to the idea of poverty by "appearances" of lack and limitation.  Now, this "idea" of poverty may show up in our finances, lack of a job, lack of fulfilling relationships, lack of good health, etc.  ... but, it is just an "appearance" of a "false idea."  When we judge righteously ... we know that we are One with Infinite Abundance, Infinite Supply ... and as we embody this Truth, and "see beyond the appearance" to the Infinite Invisible Good that lies waiting in "silent repose," our acceptance and "right" judgment ... puts us in the flow of Infinite Supply.

       Far too many of us hold on to our beliefs that hold us in limitation.  We fail to align ourselves with the Infinite by thinking small, holding onto ideas of smallness, ideas of inferior and superior.  I receive so many prayer and treatment requests that are filled with "limiting ideas."  We must "open our minds" and let go of the old beliefs and ideas that create conditions and circumstances that cause us suffering, illness and frustration.  If we desire to experience love in our lives, we must give up any ideas that we are not lovable or that others are not lovable.  Our desires for success are thwarted by our ideas of inferiority or fear of not being capable.  We must know that whatever it is that we are seeking to demonstrate in our life ... with the desire is the ability to make the demonstration.  Our success will be illusive if we hold onto ideas of comparison and competition.  "That which I am to do best, only my Maker can teach me," but we must be "open to the lessons."  We must be willing to step into something new without anyone's permission or approval ... we must act from the strength (confidence and assurance) of our own consciousness.

     The mystical statements of the Bible have "power" to them only as we use them with "right judgment."  The Master Teacher declared, "the kingdom of heaven is within you."  But whether it is or not doesn't matter if we don't believe it.  Religious Science teaches that we are surrounded by this Infinite Power for Good ... but we must "know" that It Is Good ... in All-Ways and All-Things.  We must create within our own consciousness a belief that we are One with the Infinite Good ... that nothing about us is inferior or superior to anyone or anything.  We must not allow ourselves to be limited ... in any way.  Whatever it is that we believe is "between us and our Good" ... we must "see it and believe it to be nothingness."  We must be willing to sit in the Silence for hours at a time if necessary ... to get to a "conviction in consciousness" that we have the very thing we desire ... the very thing that we seek ... the very thing that we pray for.  We must "ask, knowing that It Is," in other words we must "think from the results .. not to them."  Anything less ... is day-dreaming!

       The greatest words we can state about any situation is ... is that It Is Good ... that God Is Present ... and our Good Is Un-folding Magnificently ... right Now ... this is an activity of Mind that demonstrates experiences of happiness, joy and success ... it is an activity of Mind that "knows" the Infinite.  As we "forget everything we think we know" and align ourselves with Infinite Mind our ideas of limitation and lack will give way to richer, more abundant experiences.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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