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Weekly Message for Sunday, August 11, 2002                                       
"The greatest good that can come to anyone is the forming within
oneself of an absolute certainty, and of one's relationship to the
Universe, forever removing the sense of heaven as being outside
oneself." - Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind

                    The Master Mind Jesus stated that the "kingdom of heaven is within you," ....... few people understood this teaching then, and not too many understand this teaching now.  Dr. Ernest Holmes states that we must "forever remove the sense of heaven being outside of ourselves."  Both Dr. Holmes and the Master Teacher Jesus are teaching consciousness.  In the Bible the word  "soul" refers to consciousness.  I have heard people state often that "consciousness is everything," and of course, this is correct.  But do we really understand consciousness or is it one of those words we "skip over" mentally when we come across it?

         In the "Science of Mind," the textbook of Religious Science, consciousness is defined as:  Mental awareness.  Consciousness is both objective and subjective.  Objective consciousness is a state of conscious awareness, equipped with will, decision, and discrimination.  Its reasoning is both inductive and deductive, therefore it has self-choice.  The subjective consciousness is entirely a reaction to this objective volition (choice).  It is creative but not discriminative.  It is, of course, conscious, but it is not self-conscious. It is conscious in the same sense that the soil is conscious of the seed.  It knows how to produce a plant, but it is not conscious that it is producing it.  It has no reflective, deductive, or discriminating factors.  It is compelled by its very nature to accept and create.  When we speak of mind in its self-conscious state we mean Spirit, whether we think of it in God or man.  When we speak of consciousness in a subjective state, we refer to the mental medium, the Universal Subjectivity, which is also the subjectivity of man.  In referring to the subjective state, the Bible uses the word soul, the psychologist, "subjective" or "subjective consciousness."  All have the same meaning.

               Most of us understand most of this definition, but I think if we look further and find the "Science of Mind" definition of soul, we may have a greater understanding.  Soul:  The Creative Medium of Spirit; the subjective side of life; the Mirror of Mind, for It reflects the forms of thought which are given It.  Man's soul life re-enacts the Soul Life of the conscious mind and acts upon it.  Its nature is subjective and it cannot analyze or reject; It can only carry out the orders given It.  Infinite in Its power and ability to do, but not knowing that It does.

            Okay, now we have it....  our experiences are a Mirror of Mind.  The Creative Medium of Spirit (God) is mirroring back to us our thoughts, beliefs and ideas about life.  But, most of the time we are not aware of our habitual thinking, however, if we will but look honestly at our lives, without self-blame, guilt or shame, we can see the reflection of our mind.  But we can change it ... through choice.

            My good friend, the wonderful actor, Charles Gorgano, and I were discussing the lives of actors a few days ago and what separated the highly successful from those who were highly skilled in acting, but somehow can't seem to demonstrate success.  As we know, there are a great number of people who are brilliantly talented who practically live in poverty.  This goes for the highly intellectual as well.  Using the knowledge that we have received above from the "Science of Mind," we can understand why this happens.  Tom Cruise is one of the actors we discussed.  Almost any movie that stars Tom Cruise is guaranteed to be a box-office hit.  He is a very talented actor, but no more so than a large number of unsuccessful actors.  What makes Tom Cruise more successful than 98% of the actors in this country?  The answer is simple, so simple that most people will ignore it and think of a number of other reasons for his success.  All of which will be wrong.  The simple reason is that the mind of Tom Cruise is filled with thoughts of success, of confidence and self-assurance.  In his mind, he sees himself acting and being a great success at it.  He also realizes in his mind that this work prospers him financially and abundantly.  How do I know this? ... because Life is the Mirror of Mind .. or as it is stated in scripture, "there is nothing unseen that will not be seen." 

               This is the Truth and this is also our greatest reason for hope ... it is our mind that is reflecting into our experiences ... therefore, it is only our mind that we must correct... and as we do, we are correcting the consciousness that allows failure, mediocrity and financial lack, with the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that reflect success, enthusiasm, and prosperity.  It is all choice.  Tom Cruise was not raised in an environment of wealth and success, his family had to get by with little money after his parents divorced when he was only 12.  But, his past experiences did not limit him in his choices and neither do our past experiences limit us.

                So, what makes Tom cruise through life with one success after another?  He has chosen to control his choices in his mind.  He has used the dominion and authority that God has given each of us and has taken dominion and authority over his thoughts, beliefs and ideas and has chosen to "see" himself as successful, wealthy and happy .... his life is proof that this is true... "it is done unto you "as you" believe" ... the Mirror of Mind....  It is all choice ... and it is that simple.

 And So It Is! 

Living The Way To A Wonderful Life,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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