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Sunday, August 12, 2001

LAW - Mind In Action.  LOVE - A Synonym for God.

                       Dr. Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind, reached the conclusion that without Love, Law becomes so impersonal that there is no real "life" to it.  Love must point the way or otherwise Law can be easily manipulated by ego and bring emptiness and dissatisfaction with the very things we think will bring us greater joy and peace.

                     It is possible to demonstrate through Law (Mind) alone for there are no limits to Law.  The Law is a blind force, like gravity, and whatever goes into the subjective state of our thought tends to return again as some condition - good or bad.  The Law operates with perfect precision - believe and focus your thoughts on something and it brings it into manifestation (form).  We must never focus on that which we do not desire to experience for our attention gives it life and brings it "alive" in our experience.

                      As we embrace God's unconditional Love in our consciousness, it becomes impossible to focus on fear, sickness, poverty, limitation and restriction.  We must totally convince ourselves that God's Love is unconditional and that we are surrounded by it, maintained by it and sustained by it.  This overwhelming Power of Love can only work for us by working through us.  As we allow it to work through us it out-pictures into our experiences.  As within, so without.

                      But often we don't believe that this is so.  We think that somehow we aren't worthy of God's Love, let alone God's unconditional Love.  But this can never be so.  This is but a "false belief" that has no foundation in Truth but a vicious lie of the race-conscious belief in a God that rewards and punishes.  The Law is no respecter of persons.  The foundation for this Principle is found in scripture, "the rain falls on the good and the bad alike."  The Law operates just like the laws that govern the nature of electricity and gravity.  Whether we are "good" or "bad" neither electricity or gravity cease to operate for us.  The Law of Mind operates the same exact way.  Using the Law we can demonstrate homes, cars, prosperity and more even though we may carry within our consciousness resentment, bitterness, blame, anger, etc.  But without Love they will bring us little, if any, joy and happiness.  Dr. Holmes' statement, "Love points the Way, and Law makes the Way possible," is the avenue of demonstration that gives us the realization of joy, love, peace and harmony in our demonstrations.

Before we begin to pray or do treatment, we must take the time to still our mind and contemplate God's unconditional Love for us.  We must clear our thoughts of any beliefs or ideas that restrict the Infinite Power of God.  We must know that we can "depend" on God, that we can "trust" God, to provide us with that which brings love, joy, happiness and peace into our life.  As we pray from a consciousness filled with a conviction of unconditional Love, we can expect, without doubt, that our demonstration will be for our highest and greatest Good.  Often greater than that which we pray for.  Our highest and greatest Good is always God's will for us and God never compromises.  And neither should we.

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates