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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 12, 2007 

             "No limit can be placed upon the spirit of man.  It merges with the Universal Spirit for the two are really One.  God is in us as we are in God - the same essence, the degree apparently different.  The one finite and the other Infinite, and since the Infinite cannot come from the finite, it follows that the finite must come from the Infinite - a little circle within the big circle." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

       There are two great Spiritual Principles that we must understand in order to realize our true relationship with God, Infinite Spirit.  We must understand Omnipresence and that God is "no respecter of persons."  The reason for this is that it does not benefit us to understand Omnipresence, if we continue to believe that God responds to some, but not to others.  A tele-preacher made the statement recently that "if you don't accept Jesus as your savior none of this works" ... he was referring to, "ask and it will be given to you."  Of course, this could not be further from the Truth.  God is "no respecter of persons" ... and God is "no respecter of religion."  There is no god that cares if we are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or atheist ... or not!  God responds to our beliefs and our beliefs alone.  If I believe that God responds to my prayer for success ... then God, Universal Principle, responds to my prayer affirmatively. 

     To understand Omnipresence, we can use the example of the air that we breathe; is air divided in fragments? ... is their your air, my air, someone else's air? ... of course not ... there is only air.  And we all share it ... and we are all surrounded by it ... and it permeates our physical being ... just like God, Infinite Presence.  Omnipresence means that God surrounds us and in-dwells us ... just like the air that we breathe.  Our separation from God is an illusion ... and this illusion must be eliminated from our consciousness, for as we believe that we are "separate and apart from God" ... it follows that we also believe that we are "separate and apart from our Good."  As we understand the infinite nature of God, we realize that we are "God, infinitely individualized" ... this is why the Master Mind Jesus declared, "don't ye know that ye are gods?"  In other words, what God is in the Infinite, we are in the finite ... it can be no other way.  Is the air that I breathe, different from the air that you breathe? ... do I have an "exclusive" on the air that I breathe? ... I guess I might if I refused to exhale ... but then, we know what the conclusion of this would be!

     It is the right and perfect thought to know that God is "personal" to each of us.  Since God is "in and through us" ... what could possibly be more personal.  God is always with us, always living in us ... this is the Truth.  And as we begin to dwell upon this, the greatest Truth, then we begin to realize a greater idea of "Unity" ... One Life ... One God ... One Power ... One!

     When the illusions of discord hit our consciousness ... through our thoughts ... we must cling to God's idea for us ... "Good and Very Good."  God's idea for us never changes ... even when we are believing that we are sick, poor, lonely or frightened.  God is never "tempted" to believe the "illusion" ... and this we must keep uppermost in mind as we make the decision to "reflect God in our thoughts."  Each of us gets to choose how we are to express the divine qualities of God; strength, completeness, joy, satisfaction ... and however we choose to express these qualities, let us make it a "conscious choice" ... without limitation to the best of our ability to understand limitation.

    Whenever we feel depressed, frustrated or melancholy ... it is always the best idea to take the time to sit in the silence of our mind and remind ourselves of the personal nature of God.  Oftentimes, I am asked, as we reflect more and more of God in our experiences, do we lose our personality?  No, we do not.  As we take in the qualities of God in our own unique consciousness, we differentiate how they are expressed ... and this is but more evidence of the infinite individualization of God.  One of us may find great joy in owning a BMW X5 ... while someone else may not care for this type of vehicle at all, but instead finds great joy in owning a Porsche.  Yet, the joy of God is felt in both instances.  This is why Emerson stated, "imitation is suicide" ... it is our nature to be unique and to express the qualities of God in our own unique way.

God-Personal ... our relationship to God is personal to each of us ... and God's relationship to us is also personal.  There is no "far-away" God that wants us to live a life of conformity ... or dullness.  God, Infinite Spirit, is constantly seeking creative expression ... and we are the best avenue It has for this expression, for we have the ability to be Co-Creators with God ... through our choices.  As we remind ourselves often of this God-Personal relationship, we will find ourselves involving God or Good, more and more in the thoughts and ideas that we entertain in our minds.  And as we do, we will realize, as did the mystics, that God is indeed closer to us than breathing.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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