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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for August 13, 2017


            Rarely does one live a lifetime devoid of situations that frustrate them or cause them worry.  Even though we know that worry is a waste of precious energy in our mind nonetheless, it happens to the best of us.  Worry can be rejected mentally and dismissed but for those things that cause worry to be steadfast in our mind, it is incumbent upon us to realize the solution that eliminates the worry thought about it. 

              Everything that happens in our life finds its inlet and outlet in our mind.  We accept it as true and it manifests in some way shape or form to validate what we accept as true.  This truth gives greater significance to the spiritual principle that the Master Mind Jesus gave:  "judge not for by what measure you judge, you shall be judged."  In other words, he is telling us that whatever we believe to be true about someone else will become true for us.  It may not look the same, or be called by the same name, but it shall find its way into our life in some way.  Now, does this mean we can't have an "opinion" about things?  I don't think so although I am aware that "opinions" can become judgments in very subtle ways.  The important thing to realize from the Master Mind's teaching is to keep the "high watch" on our thoughts and to confront our worries and fears with the eternal truth that G-d is always seeking to work through our mind for the good.    

           In her book, "Your Word Is Your Wand" Florence Scovel Shinn included this testimony that shows how a thought, or an idea, can create change in our thinking:  "
A woman was much troubled over an unhappy situation. She thought to herself, “Will it ever clear up?”
           Her maid was standing near and commenced to tell her of her experiences. The woman was too worried to be interested but listened patiently. The maid was saying: “I worked in a hotel once where there was a very amusing gardener, he always said such funny things. It had been raining for three days and I said to him: ‘Do you think it will ever clear up?’ And he replied, ‘My God, doesn’t it always clear up?'”
           The woman was amazed! It was the answer to her thoughts. She said reverently, “Yes, with my God it always clears up!” Soon after, her problem did clear up in an unexpected way.

            Our thoughts are powerful and many people now realize this more than ever before.  Yet, there are those you fail to use the power of their thoughts, which is the power of mind in action, to realize their greater good.  As we can read from the testimony offered by Florence Scovel Shinn, the "simple" thought can create tremendous change.  

         My first ministerial teacher, Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone used the simple statement "there is a solution, there is a way" when counseling people to move through whatever it was that they needed to move through. He knew that when we hold this statement as the truth in our mind the solution that we require will be drawn to us.  This statement has stayed with me for many years and I know and accept that there is a solution for whatever it is that arises in my life experience and the experiences of those who accept this as the truth.  It is up to each of us to believe it ... in order to receive it.  Our willingness to hold this powerfully simple affirmation in our mind, is an act of faith ... and faith is the strength of the soul (consciousness) and lost is the person without it.

         Think on these words from the great minister and author, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale:  "You can overcome any obstacle. You can achieve the most tremendous things by faith power. Have big faith - not any old watered-down faith, and the change in you and in your experience will be little short of miraculous."|

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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