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Weekly Message for Sunday, August 17, 2003

                       The Master Mind Jesus stated that we must be willing to leave our parents, our sisters, brothers and good friends.  For many this statement sounds harsh and insensitive.  Most of us cannot imagine leaving our parents and those we love.  However, the Master Teacher was not talking about leaving them physically ... but in Mind.  In Religious Science we know there is only One Mind, that Mind Is God, and that Mind is our Mind ... we are all using the same Mind ... at the level we are willing to align our thoughts and beliefs with the Universal or Infinite.

         Most of us can look at our life and see that we have demonstrated many people in our experiences.  Some of these people have supported us in our ideas for a richer, fuller life  .... but most of us have also attracted people who have attempted to manipulate us for their benefit.  Many people become so comfortable in their "circle of friends" that they lose the benefit of experiencing the ideas and energy of new and different people.  Our "circle of friends" almost always are people we are very "comfortable" with ... but in being "comfortable" we fall into the trap of letting Life slip away from us ... and often times are manipulated into repressing or suppressing ideas and concepts that are different in order to not "make waves" ... but just like the ocean, waves are created by activity and movement ... we can't grow without moving in Mind.  But, we must be willing to let go of the approval and opinions of those we love sometimes in order to realize the greater happiness and freedom that comes from "loosing" the old ideas and concepts that hold us in the "comfort zone" for our "comfort zone" can easily change into depression or frustration.

       Spirit is always seeking expansion ... seeking a greater movement in Mind .. and sometimes this seeking will result in our experiencing the end of relationships or friendships.  Why?  Because these relationships and friendships no longer serve us in our movement towards greater expansion in Mind, a greater opportunity to realize the potential within our consciousness.  Often, these changes will result in bitterness and resentment.  No one likes to feel rejected ... but in reality ... there is no rejection ... only a change in consciousness that must express Itself.

     This month I began teaching the 5-Steps of Treatment or Scientific Prayer at the San Fernando/Pacoima Light of Truth SOM Center, "Treat Your Self To Life."  When I began my initial work on preparing my consciousness to bring "something new" to the 5-Steps, I realized that the Steps in and of themselves are meaningless unless we have an understanding of Infinite Mind and can align ourselves with Its Nature.  In order to do this, we have to "forget everything we think we know."  For the Nature of the Infinite cannot be expressed through a mind filled with limitation or the restrictions of human concepts.  Our "circle of friends" oftentimes will support our limitations ... rather than Infinite possibilities.  For example, our friends will "sympathize" with us at the loss of our relationship or the loss of our job ... but in this "sympathetic understanding" we will be attached to the "feelings of loss" rather than "opening our mind" to realize the highest and greatest Good from the experience.  The same "sympathetic understanding" will take place when we experience illness or financial problems ... but the mind that accepts sympathy ... cannot accept healing... only the mind that knows that there is Good in the experience and is determined to "reveal the Good" can accept healing. Spiritual Mind Treatment or Scientific Prayer is truly only a method used to "reveal the Good" ... the Good that already exists ... and the Good must be "revealed or realized in our consciousness."  But the consciousness that continues to accept both good and bad, through the "false concept" of sympathetic understanding ... or the seeking of approval or good opinions ... is not aligned with Infinite Good.

      If we take the time to "listen to our Higher Self" in the Silence, we will realize glimpses of what it is that we are to do ... glimpses of new ideas that may surprise us ... and sometimes even challenge us.  Who in our experience "challenges" us and who in our experience makes us feel "comfortable?"  Those who "challenge" us to be more, to think differently ... to accept more ... are but our consciousness coming to us in form ... and if we reject the experiences that challenge us ... then we are rejecting the "activity" of our own consciousness.  Any "discomfort" we feel comes from our belief in duality ... God and something else.   We must once and for all, give up our belief in duality ... if not we will continue to demonstrate limitation in one form or another.

     Spiritual Mind Treatment or Scientific Prayer is useless to the mind that is entrenched in holding the approval and good opinions of those around them ... for it will move us into experiences that we cannot imagine.  The Nature of the Infinite can only be experienced by those who are willing to accept that they don't have to know what Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy and Happiness looks like ... or to be comfortable with the results ... only those who are willing to let It express freely in their experiences.

     Does this mean that we must "leave our father and mother, sisters and brothers and good friends," as the Master Mind Jesus stated?  The answer is no.  All we must do is "expand our Circle of Friends" and therefore bring into our Life experience a more definite alignment with Infinite Mind ... freely allowing new experiences and ideas to manifest in our Life.  A powerful consciousness does not make any demands on anyone ... nor does It seek anyone's approval or good opinion ... It just expresses Itself freely ... "lifting up the consciousness" of those who come into contact with it.  "If I be lifted up, I lift All unto me," stated the Powerful Consciousness of Jesus.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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