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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 19, 2007 

            [paraphrased in the first-person] "There is One Infinite Mind from which all things come.  This Mind is through, in, and around me.  It is the Only Mind there is and every time I think, I use It.  There is One Infinite Spirit and every time I say, "I am" I proclaim It.  There is One Infinite Substance and every time I move, I move in It.  There is One Infinite Law and every time I think, I set this Law in motion.  There is One Infinite God and every time I speak to this God, I receive a direct answer.  ONE! ONE! ONE!  "I am God and there is none else."  There is One Limitless Life, which returns to the thinker exactly what I think into It.  One! One! One!  "In all, over all, and through all."  I talk, live, act, believe and know that I am a center in this One.  All the Power there is, all the Presence there is, all the Love there is, all the Peace there is, all the Good there is, and the Only God there is, is Omnipresent.  Consequently, the Infinite is in and through me and is in and through everything.  "Act as though I am and I will be." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

 Even before I read the paragraph above from Dr. Holmes, I was on a spiritual high.  I have had so many experiences in this past few weeks that have reinforced within my mind the One Infinite Law in action.  And when we realize that the Law works without any effort on our part excepting for our "pattern of thought" we realize that this Life is God's ... and this Life is Good!

     People often tell me that they have so much that requires healing from their past ... and I always realize that this is a "belief" that must be released in order to experience the true blissful nature of the Divine as It desires expression through us ... now.  To see ourselves as needing to "overcome" something from the past ... is just a thought.  And it is just a thought that we can choose to change.  To declare within our mind that "I am perfect, whole and complete" will resonant to the depths of our being as the Truth.  To act as though we are perfect, whole and complete, is accomplished by imaging within our mind a "sense" of what it is like to be so.  To believe that healing is more than "right-thinking" can create a feeling of desperation or hopelessness.  Every belief that contradicts the Presence of God as Omnipotent, is a false belief.

     God has not created blocks or obstructions to our enjoyment of the Good Life ... these are created by our thoughts ... which become our beliefs.  There is more Good for us than we shall ever experience, and each experience of Good will create within us an expanded awareness of Good and in this expanded awareness of Good, we realize that there are limitless choices available to us.  We shall come to that point in our spiritual experience that is similar to a child in a candy store ... everything looks so good, but we know that we can't have it all ... so we must choose what we are to have today, and tomorrow more Good will be available to us.  And as long as we keep the ego out of the picture ... our choices will always be satisfying to us.

     To realize Omnipresence, we are to "live by faith, not by sight" ... faith tells us that God is Good and All that God Is, is Good.  And this is easy enough to do if we stay at home isolated from the world or sit alone on the top of a mountain ... but, this is not the situation for most of us.  We are participants in the world in which we live and our participation brings us into contact with many diverse people, conditions and circumstances ... some of which do not always gain our recognition as Good automatically.  And this is one of the most important steps in metaphysical demonstration ... we don't see all things and all people as Good ... we "know" all things and all people are Good ... no matter what the "appearance" may be presenting to us.  This is "faith in action" in our mind.  It is only in our mind, that we call some things and some people, "not good" ... and it is in our mind that, in faith, we recognize only Good.  This recognition of All-Good, creates within our consciousness a pattern of thought that, soon enough, becomes automatic to us.  And when this consciousness of All-Good has been developed within us, we know, and we know that we know, that God is moving through us, as us and for us.  "Act as though I am and I will be" ... and when this happens we can know without doubting and with certainty and assurance, "that which is mine comes to me."  That which we gain through our dependence on the Principle, "All Is God and All Is Good" ... we cannot lose.

     We will never fear the loss of anything that we receive from our dependence on Principle and Principle alone ... for there is no power that can take something from us, or to diminish our Good, when we recognize and know that what we have received has come from the One Source, God ... as long as there is a doubt in our mind, we have lessened the power of Principle in our mind.  When manipulation becomes our way of demonstration, we seldom experience the peace of knowing that our Good is secure ... and in Truth It is not.  

As we realize that we have demonstrated through Principle, then we have all the joy, the security, the happiness, and the peace, that comes with knowing that God has been made manifest in our life.  And when this happens we realize that we have NEVER FELT SO GOOD ... for with our Good comes the Peace that surpasses all understanding.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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