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      Archive   Messages - The Way to a Wonderful Life

RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, August 19, 2012 

         This week we continue to review spiritual principles that will nurture and foster financial prosperity, prosperous health and happiness, and the joy of the Lord felt radiantly through our heart, mind and soul ... or whatever it is that we desire to experience that increases our sense of living the way to a wonderful life today and every day.

      "Prayer Is Answered According To Belief – Jesus said, “When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” - Gospel of Matthew 6:6, Holy Bible

          What we want to impress on our mind from these "instructions" from the Master Mind Jesus, is "when thou has shut thy door" ... when we have "entered into the closet" of our mind, in the stillness of thought and imaginings, and "convinced" ourselves that nothing of the world has any power and that ALL Power is of G-d; that what we see in the world is but only "a part" of what our reality is.  The "wholeness" of our "reality" is both the Seen and the Un-Seen ... that which we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch, and that which we claim in faith and belief.  Our faith is the "evidence" of the Un-Seen; and this evidence is the image-likeness that we foster and nurture in our mind as true for us.

     From Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power/The Spirit of Opulence:   
"We must not make ourselves dependent on any particular form of wealth, or insist on its coming to us through some particular channel--that is at once to impose a limitation, and to shut out other forms of wealth and to close other channels; but we must enter into the spirit of it. Now the spirit is Life, and throughout the universe Life ultimately consists in circulation, whether within the physical body of the individual or on the scale of the entire solar system; and circulation means a continual flowing around, and the spirit of opulence is no exception to this universal law of all life.

The point where so many of us fail to realize our answered prayers, is the point where our "disbelief" enters in; we want to see it to believe it.  We want to know where our good, our wealth, our money, is going to come from.  We don't know for our mind does not contain the infinite ways in which the Intelligence of G-d operates ... "As thou knowest not what is the way of the wind, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child; even so thou knowest not the work of God who doeth all" we can read in the scriptures, Ecclesiastes 11:5 ... this is why our responsibility lies only in convincing ourselves through faith and the elimination of disbelief in our mind and thoughts, to see ourselves "having it" ... "pray knowing that you have" Jesus said.  And he could have added, don't concern yourself with how it will come but just know that it is so at the moment you accept it as true for you.  And so we must ask ourselves, "what do I believe to be the truth about me?" ... or, "what is the image-likeness do I hold in my mind and thoughts about myself?"

More from Thomas Troward:  When once this principle becomes clear to us we shall see that our attention should be directed rather to the giving than the receiving. We must look upon ourselves, not as misers' chests to be kept locked for our own benefit, but as centres of distribution; and the better we fulfill our function as such centres the greater will be the corresponding inflow. If we choke the outlet the current must slacken, and a full and free flow can be obtained only by keeping it open. The spirit of opulence--the opulent mode of thought, that is--consists in cultivating the feeling that we possess all sorts of riches which we can bestow upon others, and which we can bestow liberally because by this very action we open the way for still greater supplies to flow in. 

Let us know that we have received the answers to our prayers and now that we have it, what are we going to do?  Most of us are going to share that which we have received, whether it be a financial increase, greater success, increased health and happiness or more peace of mind.  We shall share it for it is our nature to do so and in doing so we are letting our "light so shine" ... that is, letting our divine nature cast its glow upon those around us.  We must remind ourselves that no matter what we do with our increase, we are always a "center of distribution."  As we live in the divine circulation, we know that if we purchase a car, a home, or some new furniture or clothes, we are prospering others as we "circulate this increase" we have received.  But, there is a responsibility here to be made in consciousness; we must consciously "recognize" that we are doing so and "identify" ourselves as "a giver" ... giving unto others each time we pay a bill, make a purchase, make a deposit in the bank ... others are all prospering with us as we do these things ... but we must be "conscious" that this is so.

And more from Thomas Troward:  But you say, "I am short of money, I hardly know how to pay for necessaries. What have I to give?" ... The answer is that we must always start from the point where we are; and if your wealth at the present moment is not abundant on the material plane, you need not trouble to start on that plane. There are other sorts of wealth, still more valuable, on the spiritual and intellectual planes, which you can give; and you can start from this point and practice the spirit of opulence, even though your balance at the bank may be nil. And then the universal law of attraction [sowing and reaping as Jesus explained it] will begin to assert itself. You will not only begin to experience an inflow on the spiritual and intellectual planes, but it will extend itself to the material plane also."    

       We all have something to "give" ... something to "share" ... and in this fostering in our mind that we do, we magnify our sense of being generous, our sense of being a "giver."  We all can have a "smile" for everyone; patience and kindness towards everyone.  And we can all pray for peace on earth knowing that ALL will be included in this peace.  Dr. Robert Bitzer taught that the way to provide an avenue for "increase" is to recognize what "use" we are going to make of it.  How will we "use" our increase?  Not, just our financial increase, but the "spirit of generosity" that we begin to realize in our life experience?  How will we treat other people; will we allow ourselves to "feel superior" to those who are still struggling? ... or to those who "have not" yet realized the good life?  Will we fear losing that which we have or think we have less each time we spend money or give from the abundance that we have received?

        "Freely you have received, freely you are to give" is the principle that the Master Mind Jesus gave us and so we must establish within our consciousness the willingness to give, and to give freely and generously, of that which we have received. [from Troward:  we are not called upon to give what we have not got and run into debt; but we are to give liberally of what we have, with the knowledge that by so doing we are setting the law of circulation to work, and as this law brings us greater and greater inflows of every kind of good, so our out-giving will increase, not by depriving ourselves of any expansion in our own life that we may desire, but by finding that every expansion makes us more powerful instruments for expanding the life of others]  And in doing so, we "magnify the spirit of opulence" and it shall remain established within our heart, mind and soul, and we shall find this is the way to a wonderful life that we can experience beginning right now with what we have already received.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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