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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 21, 2011 

               "Add to your life today.  Stop subtracting.  Add.  Add the good.  Add the pleasantness.  Add the peace.  Add. Many of us look at each day and we are subtracting.  We take away from this and we take from that.  Add to your life. ... Let's feel and know today that we're not going to add more problems, more burdens, more difficulties, or more worry.  Let's begin to really feel that we're going to come into the conscious awareness that life is an addition of everything that is joyous, constructive, creative, and productive.  Let's leave the plane of negativity and get into a new plane of positive expression.  Let's lift our sights.  Let's lift our heights.  Let's lift our conscious awareness.  Let's lift our focus right now. - Dr. Frank Richelieu, The Art Of Being Yourself

      This past week I read an interesting article by Kaitlyn Bigica on Yahoo Finance titled, "Biggest Businesses Run by College Dropouts." I found the most interesting person featured in this article to not be one who was a college dropout, but instead, one who didn't go to college at all ... Ralph Lauren.  With only a high school education and without attending a fashion school, Ralph Lauren's "Polo Ralph Lauren" company is one of the most successful fashion companies in the world.  The article quotes Lauren as saying:  "I never went to fashion school - I was a young guy who had some style.  I never imagined Polo would become what it is.  I just followed my instincts."  

     In the article we can read that Lauren established his company in 1967 as a line of men's ties and developed the company into a global fashion empire.  But the most important words in the article for us are:  "I just followed my instincts."  It is this inherent instinct that can guide all of us to become aware of the idea that will give us success, happiness and prosperity.  Instincts and intuition are the impulses that come to us from the Creative Mind, G-d, to expand the good that we desire to experience.  Ralph Lauren tells us "I never imagined Polo would become what it is," and this is always true for all of us.  The ideas that come to us are like "seed thoughts" that we must let grow and expand beyond what we may at first imagine them to be.  By divorcing ourselves from negative thoughts of competition, comparisons, worry, and all the nonsense that create blocks to our inherent instincts and intuition, we can realize the right idea for ourselves and also the ideas that expand on our original ideas.

     We cannot hold contradictions in our mind without creating a state of confusion in our consciousness.  There are those who will say that someone like Ralph Lauren has greater instincts than the average person.  Yet, instincts, like intuition, come to our awareness in our mind, and we are all immersed in the same Mind, the same Spirit and the same Intelligence, which is G-d.  We have learned that G-d is no respecter of persons, so we know that what one can do, all can do.  It is up to us to "lift up" our consciousness and along with it our focus, our heights, our sights, and our conscious awareness.  "Following our instincts" is in reality, following the guidance of the Spirit as it moves through our mind as ideas, as thoughts and as imagination.

One of the great obstructions to "following our instincts" can be the residue of religious dogma that is present within our consciousness, or just our own  particular form of religion.  Theology aside, religion is also defined as something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience; i.e. to make a religion of fighting prejudice.  And many of us hold onto beliefs that do not benefit us; i.e. we make a religion out of political affiliation, or hold onto stereotypes about different groups of people, or we believe strongly in things that are just not true.  Strongly held beliefs in competition and self-depreciation derived from comparisons, block the flow of creativity in our mind.  We must reject the ideas that block us from the free-flow of Creative Mind in order to have the awareness of that which will magnetize our natural instincts and intuition.

     Many people believe that their religion calls them to "serve others" and in so doing they willingly volunteer to give away their talents and abilities to those they consider "less fortunate" or to that which they consider "service to God" ... which is usually in the form of service to a church or some such similar organization. 
This form of service has given many people a greater sense of happiness and a feeling of being a part of something greater than them, but it rarely brings with it a greater success or prosperity for the individual.  A survey completed a few years ago found that most people become disappointed in the level of satisfaction felt by performing this type of service, yet many continued to do it out of obligation or intimidation even though they no longer enjoyed doing it.  

    True service is to do that which we love to do
, that which our skills, abilities, and creativity lead us to, and then the results will benefit others automatically without obligation or intimidation.  Let us go back to our example of Ralph Lauren.  By being willing to "follow his instincts" and that which came to his mind from the Creative Mind, Ralph Lauren has been able, through his focus on his own success and prosperity, to generate success and prosperity to countless individuals and businesses.  Without being successful and prosperous himself, he would never have been able to pay for the advertising, the goods and services of others, or the myriad of other ways in which his prosperity has compensated others.  He has benefited the world in which he lives not only by creating wonderful fashions and products, but his success has become a shared success with so many others.  True service is a mutual benefit, not one-sided.

     Wallace D. Wattles writes in his book, The Science of Getting Rich:  "You do not want to get rich solely for the good of others.  Nor do you wish to lose yourself for the salvation of humanity or to only experience the joys of philanthropy and sacrifice.  The joys of the soul are only a part of life.  They are no better or nobler than any other part. ... Get rid of the idea that God wants you to sacrifice yourself for others, that you can secure his favor by doing so.  God requires nothing of the kind. ... What he wants is that you should make the most of yourself - for yourself, and for others.  And, you can help others more by making the most of yourself than in any other way."  These words from Wallace D. Wattles contradict almost every traditional religion's view on service and sacrifice.  What we personally do or don't do is a choice.  But, let us make the choice with free will and a clear mind without the old feelings of guilt, obligation and intimidation ... let's follow our instincts, our intuition, and we shall surely be blessed in whatever we choose to do.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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