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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 

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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 22, 2010 

                  "Feel your dignity and grandeur as a son/daughter of God and realize that you are immune to insults, criticisms, and vilification by others because you are God-intoxicated.  If you exalt and love the God-Presence within you, all men/women - even your so-called enemies - will be constrained to do you good. ... Refuse to accept suffering and never resign yourself to any situation.  You are a transcendental being and you can lift yourself up mentally over all conditions and circumstances." - Dr. Joseph Murphy, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich

      As the appearance of a down-turn economy and high unemployment continues to press on our minds and is being experienced by so many of us, it is natural that many people turn to spiritual principles for help in navigating through the financial challenges that they are being confronted with.  The words of Hannah More Kohaus, "God is my help in every need.." is absolutely true and we always act in wisdom when we turn to the Infinite, in faith, for our help.  The key to success in this, is faith ... not just the faith we have when we pray or sit in the silence, but the faith that we "know within" as we do the things that we must do in our daily living.

     The Barbados born teacher, Neville, taught that the "Imagination" is our "Christ within" ... that it is creative and powerful.  I believe that our imagination can be very useful in "stirring up the spirit within" and enabling us to "transcend" the conditions and circumstances that we want to move-through.  And for many of us, these conditions and circumstances have been effects of our acceptance of a down-turn economy and high unemployment.  We are all influenced by the collective consciousness to some degree so let's not concern ourselves about "what is" ... but focus on potentials and possibilities.  And we can do this with ease by understanding the creative power of the imagination.

     As Neville stated, "imagining creates" ... but, it must create through consciousness for consciousness is everything, both seen and unseen ... and as we know, G-d works "through us" ... that is, through our consciousness, and this is good news because we can use our imagination to create a "shift" in our consciousness that is definite and specific.  Let's use a comparison between someone in financial struggle and a lottery winner, a mega-millionaire, to understand what this "shift in consciousness" means.  Someone in financial struggle sits down with their monthly statements from the electric company, the gas company, the rent or mortgage payment, etc. ... all tense and anxious, uncertain if the bills are paid if there will be enough left over to buy food and daily necessities.  Their mind is frustrated and focused on the "dwindling amount" of money left over.  The mega-millionaire, on the other hand, has most likely had someone else prepare the checks for them and their part in paying the  monthly bills will only consist of signing the checks.  Perhaps a glance or two at the amounts will cross their mind, but there is no tension or anxiety because millions remain in their possession.  The mega-millionaire's state of mind remains at ease throughout the process.  The process is finished and the mega-millionaire goes on about their day with little reflection on what they have done.  But, the person in financial struggle may carry the thought of frustration, lack and anxiety throughout the day or even more than a day or two, worrying about their finances.  And this we want to avoid.  The frustrated mind cannot accept the flow of prosperous ideas and cannot become aware of new opportunities that may be presented to them.

     Perhaps there is a lottery winner reading this lesson, a mega-millionaire ... but most of us are not.  Yet, we can use our imagination to transcend the frustration and anxiety of financial struggle to one of ease just like the mega-millionaire ... if we are willing to take the time to do it.  Our bills don't get smaller and our bank accounts any larger from worry or frustration.  If anything, our worry and frustration will hold us in financial struggle and create even more lack.  As the radical Jesus stated:  "For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him."   This is a statement of consciousness that none of us can avoid ... it may appear to be harsh ... but, in truth, it is telling us to how to avoid loss and lack.  
     We don't have to win the lottery to use our imagination to develop the consciousness of being "given more."  And it is this faith that we will be "given more" that will loose our imagination to eliminate the fear and doubt that binds us to a lack-consciousness.  As we turn within to the Spirit that dwells within us and realize that this Spirit is always restful, never disturbed and always available to us, we can start right where we are and imagine that we have "transcended" our former financial condition or circumstances ... not will transcend ... but "transcended" ... and the Spirit will respond to us affirmatively.  We can use our imagination and see ourselves as "lottery winners" ... but, I will caution that even the lottery is a "limitation" ... instead, we can use our imagination to create the feelings of ease that we would suppose a lottery winner feels about their finances, as we draw from the infinite abundance, in our mind, that G-d has created for us all.

    Let us open our mind and know that there is no far-off God, that G-d and Good are right here where we are.  Let our imagination bring forth to our conscious mind the imprisoned splendor, that is, the gifts of the Spirit from within us ... faith, hope and love ... and let us know together that there is no God that denies us our good, or mimics humans with rewards and punishment ... let go of the fairytale God and embrace the G-d that loves each of us with an ever-lasting love, as the Master Mind Jesus did ... and this will align us with the consciousness of "being given more" ... more love, more hope, more joy, more peace, more of every good thing!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi