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Weekly Message for Sunday, August 24, 2003

                       The story of Adam and Eve is an allegory that explains the beginning of human misery ... the belief in God AND "something else."  This belief in the "something else" ... the presence and power of something that is in opposition to Good ... is the reason for ALL human pain, suffering and conflict.  Our Spiritual Journey then is to return to the Garden of Eden in consciousness ...  and our Path is our single-mindedness in knowing that All Is God ... All Is Good... this is the teaching of all the Great Mystics ... "narrow is the Gate and few are they that enter."  H. Emile Cady, a master teacher of metaphysics, described it as "the straight line of Truth."  In other words we must not waver in our belief that God Is All ... and therefore Good Is All-Ways Present.

           The philosophy of Religious Science which mirrors the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus, shows us the Way to stay on the Path.  Religious Science teaches as did Jesus that we can "be in the world but not of the world."  The world believes in both God and a power separate and apart from God.  But man/woman has created this power that separates us from God ... for in Truth, it is but a shadow that has no substance or foundation to support it ... except the power we give it "according to our beliefs."  We can look at the world we live in and see the results of this belief in duality ... it is hardly a "Garden of Eden."  Our individual lives therefore reflect the measure of our acceptance of the world's beliefs ... but we can rest assured that all things can change ... "beliefs change but the Truth does not."

         Why is the world so seduced by the belief in both Good and evil?  And why is there such powerful support for duality even when we can look at the history of the world and see the chaos that it has created?  Because ................. the belief in Good and evil (something other than God, Good) is supported by the religious leaders, churches, the political leaders, governments, the media, the publishing industry, the medical and drug industry and the film and movie industry ... it is so much a part of our culture that it is difficult to think that it can or ever will be another way ... or that there was ever a Garden of Eden to begin with ... and for generations to come it will remain so because of the world's support for it.  The belief in the negative, evil or the devil ... is stronger than our belief in God or Good ... the demonstration proves this to be true.  Not only does the world enjoy its dramas, wars and ego sense gratification of inferior and superior ... we often find enemies where there are none ... if ever there were a time to pay heed to the words of the Master Teacher Jesus, "be in the world but not of the world" ... NOW is the time!

           And what is the tool that the Masters of Duality use to hold this false power intact? ... FEAR.  Fear is charged with energy ... and energy is what everything is made of .... energy is the Infinite Substance that binds the Universe together ... but fear is energy used in the negative.  Good and evil, God and the devil, positive and negative ... it is all energy ... used either to create or to destroy.

          On an individual level we are all confronted with the world's belief in Good and evil daily ... our goal then must be to turn from it ... not resist it or try to fight it in any way ... but to quietly and in confidence turn to God ... Good.  We must do this daily and for most of us ... often each day.  When we find discomfort or difficulties in our experiences ... we must just remind ourselves that we have been listening to the world ... rather than to God ... and in doing so we make a correction in our consciousness that will move us into a greater experience of Good.  Always keep uppermost in mind that "there is nothing to heal ... only God to be revealed."  And in this remembrance we can eliminate the "duality" in our consciousness and expect to see the change in our experiences in the right and perfect time.  He (God) that dwells in my consciousness .... per-fects that which concernth me ... not the religious leaders, the politicians, the media, the publishers or the people of the world ... He and He alone.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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