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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (August 27, 2006)      

       ``Any religion that is so black and white -- to me, that's like fanaticism. Religion is not black and white. It's much more complicated. Spirituality is much bigger than that. God is much bigger than that. I don't believe in a wrathful God. I believe he's much more forgiving and inclusive than some religions.''... - Susan Sarandon, Actress, 1995 Best Actress Oscar Award

       June 17th -
Madonna wears the red string around her wrist that is a symbol of the Jewish mysticism, though she wears it beneath her watch. She says she's sensitive when critics suggest her interest in Kabbalah is just a trend.  ``I'm a little bit irritated that people think that it's like some celebrity band wagon that I've jumped on, or that, say, somebody like Demi (Moore) has jumped on,'' the 45-year-old says. ``We don't take it lightly. ..."

    Aug. 7th - Madonna performed her song Forbidden Love alongside dancers with the Star of David and the crescent moon painted on their bodies.

       Celebrities, like politicians, don't often air their religious beliefs publicly ... but when they do, it creates media attention.  The media, like many religious leaders, continue to believe that a celebrity can influence the public's religious beliefs.  In fact, often, the celebrities believe this themselves.  Tom Cruise has distinguished himself as very critical of those who do things that his religion, Scientology, does not condone.  But did his ranting influence anyone to convert to Scientology other than his girlfriend?  That I don't know.

     Most celebrities keep their spiritual/religious beliefs private.  I have met many distinguished actors and actresses in Religious Science ... and I have always been respectful of their privacy.  But some people are very surprised when they see celebrities in this teaching because it is not a teaching that has a "glamour" aspect to it ... the Science of Mind is a healing and teaching philosophy.

     In my early years in Religious Science I met someone at the old Hollywood Church of Religious Science who told me, referring to a television/movie actress who attended there, "if this church is good enough for her, then it's good enough for me" ... he was more interested in who attended the church than in what the church was teaching ... the actress, no longer goes there as she now attends services with Dr. David Walker at the Los Angeles Church of Religious Science ... and I wondered if this guy followed her there? ... or if he follows the teaching at all.  Many celebrities attend the City of Angels Church of Religious Science ... some initially because of the influence of Dr. O. C. Smith's consciousness ... and many continue to attend there today because this consciousness continues to permeate the atmosphere at this hallmark church.

     Each of us is under the influence of Divine Guidance, and this is especially true as we "choose" our religious/spiritual beliefs and practices.  There are no accidents in the Universe and there are no coincidences ... there is only "consciousness demonstrating" at the level of our awareness of Divine Guidance.  And for some of us this means that we must leave the old to pursue the new ... and this is in alignment with the Law of Consciousness.  I still have fond memories of the First Baptist Church of Paris, Missouri ... the first church I attended as a child ... but I left it as I advanced in my spiritual growth.  I had no harsh feelings about the First Baptist Church ... but I knew it was time to move on ... no different than advancing from the 3rd grade to the 4th.  I loved the 3rd grade ... I loved my teacher ... my classmates ... it was great fun!  But ... can you imagine what my life would be like now if I had refused to leave the 3rd grade? ... our spiritual awareness must be free to unfold in order for Life to have a rich, lively character to it ... and at some point this means that we must open our minds to something new ... not better ... but something that expands our awareness beyond what we have become conscious of in the past.

If celebrities influence the spiritual choices of the public is this a negative thing?  I don't think so ... because no matter what it may appear to be that "causes" us to advance into something new ... it is always the impulse of Divine Guidance that is at the root of it.  I truly bless celebrities like Madonna who are willing to risk criticism by being open about their spiritual/religious path ... and I especially bless Oprah for exposing so many people to so many different spiritual and religious teachings/philosophies that are available in the world today.  And perhaps many of us will only study any one of them for a moment or two ... keep what is useful to us and discard the rest as we move on ... but each moment is important as our consciousness is expanded and our awareness of Life increased.


And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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