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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (August 28, 2005)      

4th of a 4-Part Series for August, 2005

        "This Power within you responds definitely to direct, conscious thought.  It responds as a mathematical and mechanical law of cause and effect.  No one can hinder your use of this Power since It is an immediate presence at the center of your own being.  No one can reverse your use of It since nothing can contradict Its authority.  Therefore you not only have some power at the center of your being; you have access to all the Power there is at the center of your being, to all the Presence that there is, and to the only God there is.
            You must begin to contemplate this Power within you as answering your every need, supplying your every want, fulfilling your every wish; and you must believe that It does this immediately, right now - not tomorrow but today, because the Law of this Power within you knows no time.  Therefore, when your word directs the Law within you, it must always direct It for today.  You must give conscious direction to this Law and you must definitely expect It to respond.  When you say to the Law within you, "Do this!" you must know It is going to do it; you must believe, there must be no doubt in your consciousness.  For the Power, Presence and Law are one and the same thing, and the creative imagination of your own thought is the dictator of your destiny." 
- Dr. Ernest Holmes, Your Invisible Power

          "Everything I believe to be true about the Spirit, I must understand is also true about myself," Dr. Holmes writes in "Lessons In Spiritual Healing."  This statement is merely a restatement from the Book of Genesis in the Bible:  "God created man in His image and likeness."  What God is to the Universal, we are to the finite ... we have been given "dominion and authority" over our earthbound conditions.  But ... we must contemplate this to the point that our subconscious and our conscious mind agree that it is so.  And as long as we hold onto the idea of a "God out there" ... we will most certainly enter into doubt when we attempt to use the dominion and authority that God has created within us.  This is what most often happens when we are dealing with money issues ... not enough, debt, etc.  We see our Supply separate and apart from us.  And just like those who believe that God is separate and apart from them ... we are trapped in the idea of "maybe" we will receive the money that we need ... or "maybe" we won't.  And it will always be "maybe" until we take the time to establish something different in our consciousness.

         Dr. Holmes outlines above the method in which to "establish" prosperity in our consciousness.  We must spend the time contemplating, imaging, and knowing with persistence that we "have" the money ... it is ours ... and it is ours "today" ... this creates within our consciousness a "definite Law" that must be "reflected" in our experience.  Even if we have stated and affirmed over and over again that we "have it today" ... today, we must do it again.  This establishes within us a "Law" that we can use over and over again for whatever we desire to make visible in our experience.  Money is a great example to work on ... for money is a "symbol" ... and even though we may not always receive money ... we will receive that which we desire.  "Show me the money" is definite ... it displays dominion and authority ... "show me the money today" ... is even more powerful ... as this statement implies that the money is available ... is present ... and will become visible ... through the Law we have established in our consciousness.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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