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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (August 29, 2004)         

         We must be honest with ourselves.  What have we been seeking these many years?  Have we been seeking the spirit of things or just things?  Do we turn to God with devotion knowing that God is our supply ... or do we turn to people ... and then turn to God when we don't get what we want?

        It is this seeking outside of ourselves that defeats us.  "The Father and I are One," stated the Master Mind Jesus ... there is nothing we can have outside of us that we do not experience within ... within where? ... you might ask.  It is within our consciousness ... that individualized spark of the Divine that connects us to the Infinite ... CONSCIOUSNESS ... let's not make it difficult to understand because it is not difficult to understand ... our difficulty, if there is any, is in making proper use of It.  WE MUST LOVE GOD FIRST ... and God abides in our consciousness ... everyone's ... all at the same time ... in the same measure ... but few of us "recognize It" ... because we are too busy loving people and things that we have allowed ourselves to become "content with talking about God ... reading about God" ... but continue to place our hope on people and things.  But people and things do not "cause" us to be happy ... to be prosperous or to be successful ... the PRINCIPLE in back of them "causes" them to be what they are to us.  "The Kingdom of Heaven Is within you," .. this Kingdom of Heaven resides in our CONSCIOUSNESS ... and WE ARE EXPERIENCING IT AT ALL TIMES.  Whatever we have ... whatever is visible in our lives ... the conditions and circumstances in which we live ... these are our CONSCIOUSNESS.

        Now, don't misunderstand me.  It is right for us to have things and share them with our friends.  It is right for us to demonstrate money and spend it, but where do we go from there?  After we spend our money ... does money continue to make us happy ... no, of course not ... it is the "spirit" in which we "use" our money that makes us happy and satisfied.  If we use our money to gain power over others ... or if we hoard it ... it will not make us happy in the least ... nor will it make us happy to just "pay the bills with nothing left over."  This can become frustrating and self-defeating.  If we are not experiencing the things that we desire ... then perhaps we have been looking at things and disregarding the Power behind them.  This Power is dependent on our Creative Thought ... in other words, Principle.  If we say we have faith in God ... the Good ... but our thoughts do not support this faith ... then what we desire to create falls apart or leaves us flat.  If we seek to be prosperous ... but our mind is "stayed on poverty and lack" ... worry that there is not enough ... then we will demonstrate the lack or not enough.

       There are four important factors in demonstrating Greater Good in our lives.  Feel free to modify these factors to fit your desire.

        1) Remove every impediment and obstacle to the idea of prosperity.
        2) Create a deep and continuous desire for abundance.
        3) Become conscious of more of everything in our mind.
        4) Use what we have.

     We cannot fail if we follow this pattern.  It is just a matter of learning to make the most of what we are and what we have.  THE LAW IS SIMPLE, WE WILL ONLY RECEIVE MORE IF WE USE WHAT WE HAVE.  The same Principle that "caused" what we have ... will "cause" the Greater Good ... if we don't Love It ... by not loving what we have already demonstrated ... we cannot demonstrate the Greater.  "Use" is the key that will unlock the doors of our consciousness and give us whatsoever our hearts desire.  The rule is simple ... we must have faith in ourselves and work with the Law.

And So It Is!           
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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