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RevBates.tv Global - SPECIAL MESSAGE (August 31, 2005)      HURRICANE USA - 2005


           Months to go before residents can return to New Orleans: officials .....
          Rescuers battle rising flood waters to find hurricane survivors

         WASHINGTON  - Officials said it will be three to four months before residents can return to New Orleans, and those still in the city will have to leave, after levees broke and waters inundated more than 80 percent of the city in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

          NEW ORLEANS - Rescue teams battled through rising flood waters to find survivors of Hurricane Katrina which is feared to have killed hundreds of people along the US Gulf Coast. While army engineers fought to fill huge breaches in levees designed to waters out of New Orleans, looting broke out and gas leaks caused many fires. The city's mayor warned it could be up to four months before evacuated residents could return.

        When the Master Mind Jesus called us to "love one another" His call was for us to help and support each other ... this is the true measure of Love ... when we put aside the things that concern us personally and devote our time and resources to helping those who require our help and support.  The effects of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is one of the greatest disasters in modern times in the United States ... but it is also the greatest opportunity for us to be lifted in Spirit as we pray and pray some more for the people who are going through this most extreme experience ... and our prayers must not stop there but also pray for all those who are aiding the survivors ... the doctors, nurses, firemen and policemen and countless others who are pushing themselves to the limit to help others.

           Please join me in prayer each day for all those mentioned above.  Additionally, I am asking that all donations to this ministry beginning today and for the month of September be directed instead to the American Red Cross.  Know with me that as we freely give ... we receive ... multiplied abundantly ... and our giving is never limited ... and so let us listen to our hearts and give of that which God has so generously given to us ... our share ... to prosper and to bless those who we may never know personally ... but in Truth ... are One with us.

               Please click here: 
American Red Cross 

       Your donation is blessing you immensely, beginning in this very moment.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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