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Weekly Message for Sunday, September 1, 2002 

                    As I begin to write the message for this week, much of what I am thinking is reflection.  My thoughts take me back to a few months ago when the owner of the Corridor in Palm Springs, California, asked me to go visit the property.  The property, a preservation project of the old Palm Springs Hotel, which had been left vacant and decayed, is the Corridor.  He had been working on this project for over three years and finally it was ready for occupancy. > see photos at www.palmspringscorridor.com The reason the owner asked me to visit the property was that he felt there was something very special and spiritual in the atmosphere of the courtyard.  He felt so strongly about it that he was offering me the opportunity to use the courtyard for the Way To A Wonderful Life presentations.  I was intrigued.  But, not having seen the property I envisioned the courtyard to be similar in size to many of the courtyards in Los Angeles...... scaled down and more courtyard by name than in space.  Many of the courtyards in Los Angeles are more wind-tunnels than courtyards.  But then, I dismissed all my preconceived ideas and it occurred to me, that I was looking at something with suspicion rather than trust.  Was I believing that something Good was coming to me, or was I believing in something else?  In other words, was I becoming a "double-minded man, unstable in all his ways?" - was I losing sight of Infinite Good and my trust in the Infinite? No.... of course not.  So, I planned a trip to Palm Springs.

           As I drove into Palm Springs on Highway 111, past the sagebrush, the drifting sand and the glorious mountains, I began to feel a sense of something new, something more than I had experienced before.  Driving past the route to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram that has been named the "eighth wonder of the world,"  I began to feel a building enthusiasm for visiting the Corridor. So far, none of this was new to me, and I could not see anything visibly that would make me feel more enthusiastic than normal as I drove past the tan and sand-colored buildings along North Palm Canyon Drive, but I did.  I had visited Palm Springs often during the past two years as a frequent guest speaker for Rev. Richard Drasen's,  Palm Springs New Thought Church for Today (Sundays at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Palm Springs).  So, this was not a road less-traveled for me.  But still, I could sense something wonderful was  coming into my experience.

          Immediately when I saw the Corridor I knew that it was something special.  It almost shines amidst the typical colors and style of the buildings in the surrounding area.  Its colors are bright, cheerful, and inviting.  As I walked into the interior courtyard I felt like I was in a small village, rather than a center for commerce.  The courtyard is immense .... with terrific mountain views as a background ... an outdoor chapel.... the interior buildings, a 1920's house that has been preserved, the bungalows that had served as winter get-a-ways for the famous and not-so-famous for years, all appeared together as the most marvelous sight.... if I had been dropped from the sky blindfolded into the courtyard I would never have been able to guess where I had landed!  This could be a small village anywhere .... but here it is, in Palm Springs!

          As I walked through the courtyard, I could feel the "Presence" so strongly that all the tension I felt in my body from the drive immediately vanished.  I felt a surge of energy flow through me that was exhilarating!  I know that there "is no spot where God is not," but the feeling of the Presence of the Presence is so strong here that it is invigorating.... Daniel Nahmod's "God Makes Me Want To Sing," lyrics kept running through my mind and before I knew it I was singing and so happy to be here!

        As I sat down on the grass and looked out over the outdoor chapel to the San Jacinto mountains taking in the breathtaking view..... I could envision meditation services here, music, art and craft shows ... I could see families, friends, all types of people, sitting in lawn chairs, sitting on the ground, laying in the grass, listening to spiritual messages that bring them closer to their awareness of the Presence of God in the world and in their lives - out in the openness of the courtyard.  Will this be an ordinary church service?.... No... but then I am not an ordinary minister ..... this is for someone who is "open at the top" as Dr. Ernest Holmes often stated ..... and that I am.  The Corridor is God's creative-ness working through the hands, minds and hearts of man... this Truth is so evident here.... even the extreme heat of the summer did not diminish this evidence..... and God has called me to it .... and I have chosen to let God do it..... through me.  "It is the Father that doeth the work.  The Father works and I work." 
 And So It Is! 

Living The Way To A Wonderful Life,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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