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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, September 1, 2013 

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   The inspiration for this message comes from Lillian De Waters who wrote "How To Have Abundance" in 1922.  Lillian was a student of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science organization, but left the organization because she felt that "religious dogma" inhibits organizations and also the Teaching.  Emerson tells us that "imitation is suicide" and I would expand on this to say that allowing ourselves to be limited by the beliefs, opinions, and ideas of others is also suicide ... in other words, it can be the death of that right and perfect idea that is ours and ours alone to express and experience.  The freedom to think freely without the constraints of "conformity" is rarely demonstrated by those in both secular and spiritual organizations.  Just this past week I read an interesting news article regarding the failures of some very highly-compensated CEOs of several very large companies.  They didn't have the "idea" that could bring success to the companies that employed them, yet, we know that "failure" is always a false-truth, and so the person who did have the "right idea for success" did not surface in these companies ... most likely because he or she was schooled to function within the "constraints" of the organization.

        The right idea for success and advancement is always available.  And most of the time this idea is simple, so simple that it is ignored ... or constrained.  This happens on both the individual level and tiers of organizational hierarchy.  Once our mind is given a pattern of "constraint" or "limitation" it will become a "law of our mind" until we consciously make the decision to "loose" it or even better to "displace" it with a new pattern of free-thinking and non-conformity.  If we are not living the "abundant life" now ... then we have a pattern of thought or belief to let loose of.  

      Lillian De Waters takes the example of sympathy and pity and gives us an example of how a simple idea can change circumstances ... let's look at this "true story" shared in her book: 
"Talking along these lines with a friend metaphysician one day, he told me the following story (which is a true story). This was helpful to me at the time and will no doubt prove helpful to others: "We camped one night, in the Ozark Hills, in Missouri. Some 20 or 30 outfits camped the same night at the same place. In the morn­ing we started about sunrise in a long procession. We drove about a mile when the procession came to a stand­still. We all got out and surrounded the saddest sight I had ever seen. A horse was lying dead while hitched to the wagon and his mate was standing by his side. A woman and two chil­dren were weeping while the husband was sitting on the wagon with his face in his hands. They were on their way to Kansas, but the dead horse put an end to their journey as they had no money to buy another horse. More than 50 people gathered around them. Some wept, and some said, `We pity you'; but with all the tears, and all the pity, the dead horse never moved a muscle, and the man did not lift his head, and the children did not stop crying. After a few minutes of sob­bing and groaning by the crowd, a young fellow in the back-ground pressed his way to the front, and, reaching over the heads of some of the mourners, said: Here, old man, I pity you just $10.00 worth,' and handed him a ten dollar bill.
            The act was contagious. The crowd began to shed dollars instead of tears. A man in the crowd had an extra horse and in less time than it takes me to tell it, the horse was bought, hitched to the wagon, and the thank­ful family made a new start for Kan­sas. How many groans and tears would have been required to start that poor family on their way? The people that wept and groaned were willing to help but they did not think the right way.

         Our emotional nature must be balanced for us to receive the impulse in our mind from the Intelligence that is always seeking to give to us ... the right way, the right idea, the right perspective, etc.  As we balance our emotions and see sympathy as a starting point for action, then that which we are to do, or to be will come to our awareness and we will know that right action prevails in all things.

           We are all aware that the ideas and desires which come to our awareness are coming to us from Spirit.  This should give us the confidence and self assurance that causes us to demonstrate the good things we seek to experience, including money.  Yet, for too many people there is hesitancy rather than confidence when it comes to demonstrating money.   Lillian De Waters writes:  "
Each individual has the nature and character of God, is a God─being, and has the power to create and bring forth all good. Many would like the "added" things without having or using the thoughts and feelings that cause or create these "things."
            You cannot and should not expect to be well if you are constantly think­ing sick or sinful thoughts, neither can you achieve success and pros­perity if you are thinking thoughts of poverty, stinginess or inactivity. There are many who strive religiously to avoid expressing the word money in their conversation. They will speak of "supply" and "abundance," and although what they really need is money, they nevertheless hold to the mistaken mental position that money is material and they believe it wrong to desire money, yet never refuse it when offered them.
            This is unreasonable. The right way to think about money is that money is good and right to have and that it is not material but entirely mental as is all else.
            If you need money, think money. When you think poverty thoughts you are thinking "no money."
            Money of itself is good; it is the err­ing sense about money that is at fault. Pure water is good and right to drink, halt it would work ill to the individual who drank too much of it at one time.
            To have money in abundance and to spend it freely, yet wisely is not a wrong. By this I do not mean that it is right to want money for the mere sake of accumulating wealth.
            One must have the right desire back of the thought of money if he desires to make a success of his life. To use the Mind for any other purpose than the working out of goodness, honesty and service, is to defraud oneself of the true nature of universal good."

     The Intelligence and Power that clothed our spirit in human form has given us the ability to intelligently realize all the good that we desire.  There is no one or no thing that can withhold anything from us except that we allow it.  The Spirit that moves through our heart and mind as happiness and joy, peace and love, also moves through our physical body has health and through our body of affairs as abundance and prosperity.  But, we must cultivate, foster and nurture the confidence in our self to believe this is the truth about us.  No one else can think for us and no one else can believe for us ... so whatever it is that is to be done unto us, must come from within us ... from the ideas and beliefs that we hold as true about ourselves and our body of affairs.

      No one has been able to deny the simple statement of profound truth given to us by the Master Mind Jesus, "it is the Father that doeth the work" ... this statement must be our foundation.  Jesus said "the Father is a Spirit and we must worship him in Spirit and in Truth ... that is, realize that this Spirit is always with us and available to us ... that in truth, it is both the Love that points the way ... the giving of the Spirit through our awareness of a desire for more good ... and the Law that makes the way possible ... the livingness of Spirit in us ... that is sowing thoughts into our mind consciously that we can have that which we can claim as ours.  This is how to have abundance ... and it should be our good pleasure to give to us ... enough to share and to spare.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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