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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 2, 2007 

                                                       "I cry a lot. My emotions are very close to my surface. I don't want to hold anything in so it festers and turns into pus - a pustule of emotion that explodes into a festering cesspool of depression." - Nicolas Cage, Actor

        From the Science of Mind: 
"Every person has a mental atmosphere which is the result of all that he has thought, said and done, and consciously or unconsciously perceived."

     I do not know anyone personally who has not had the experience of the shadow of depression in their lives.  In recent years the number of people experiencing differing degrees of this appearance has increased dramatically.  For some, it is momentary and fleeting and for others, it is persistent and debilitating.  It is more than sadness or unhappiness, but both can contribute to it.  It can be a feeling that is felt so deeply that we feel defenseless against it.  It can appear out of the blue, or we can be very aware that it is presenting itself.  What we do know, is that it has to do with our mind.  And as Dr. Holmes reveals to us in the Science of Mind, it is part of our mental atmosphere originating in our thoughts either consciously or unconsciously perceived.

     The healing of the appearance of depression begins with understanding our spiritual beliefs and ideas about our relationship with God.  For so many of us we believe that as we study more and more spiritual literature and we become more masterful with our spiritual practices, that we will be more powerful in our lives.  But, this too, may create a sense of fear and doubt as we are still depending on our human understanding rather than depending on God, Infinite Principle.  The purpose of our spiritual studies and our spiritual practices, is to make us more aware of the Power that works through us ... but It is always the Power.  It is our expectation that we have power that brings us to the brink of frustration.  There is only One Power, and we "use" It ... but, we are never the Power Itself.

     In the Science of Mind we know that healing is not complex, it is simple.  It is a matter of directing our mind towards that which we want to experience, and away from that which we do not want to experience.  If we look at the word "depression" we can identify it as a contradiction to "expression" ... and "expressing" is our inherent nature.  We are "expressing" the Spirit of God ... and when we do not consciously or unconsciously seek to express more of Life, then we "depress" this movement of Spirit in our consciousness. Early metaphysical teachers described this as the "dark night of the soul."  Soul, of course, meaning consciousness.

     Most often we become aware that depression is creeping into our consciousness.  It may appear as fatigue, inattention, sleep disturbances, sadness, deep disappointment, or even more severe as despair or hopelessness.  We cannot heal this condition if we resist it ... or feel that somehow we can use our human willpower to overcome it (ego) ... we must consciously and persistently give this up to God.  To know within ourselves that we have accepted something "unconsciously" that has created the opening for this shadow to appear in our mind.  This is a time to pray frequently ... to affirm that Spirit is within us ... to pray and know that our prayer is an announcement of our awareness of God working in our life.

     In the Science of Mind we know that God works through all channels, and so for some of us this will include working with psychologists and psychiatrists to find our healing.  We must remember that All Is God and All Is Good ... and refrain from judging anything that gives us the results that we seek.  Remember ... doctors and medicine are not outside the Infinite Good that God Is.  We will know when we are through with these things and when to depend on Spirit without their assistance.  Until then, we use wisdom and choose to be healed, and trust in Infinite guidance to direct us to the things and people that are part of our Divine healing.

I used the quote from Nicolas Cage for a couple of reasons for this message.  First of all, I greatly admire his honesty and openness.  And for some of us, it is not always easy to let the tears of healing be okay with us.  Tears are a form of authentic release ... and part of the natural and normal process of healing so many different ideas that have been imprinted on our consciousness.  Let us know that we can release whatever it is that attempts to create the shadows in our mind ... there is no power in it ... the Power is in God ... and we can use this Power, now ... and always.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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