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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (September 3, 2006)      

       ``As a matter of fact, Jesus taught three great truths.  And you will see them running through everything He said.  The first is, of course,  that God is all there is.  Whether it is here or hereafter, God is life.  God is good.  That is the first great truth that Jesus sets before us.  Next, He told us about a divine power greater than we are and about the law of good, which we all may use.  And we are all using it, whether or not we are aware of the fact.  He told us exactly what this law is and how to use it.  And He said it will never fail us, because it is done unto us as we believe.  And this was the second great teaching of Jesus.  And perhaps the third is even more important than the other two.  Jesus taught that the divine giver is also the great forgiver.  And that love finally will heal every wound, somewhere, sometime, somehow, either here or hereafter.''... - Dr. Ernest Holmes

A true metaphysician knows that the more we think we know about God, Life and Truth ... the more we know that we have just glimpsed into the vast awareness that is there.  This is why arrogance stops so many people from truly embodying the essence of metaphysics.  Arrogance, is an effect of lack of awareness, knowledge and education.  Not only would a true metaphysician never call themselves a "master teacher" ... neither would they allow anyone else to do so as well.  We will never master metaphysics ... this study, like the Infinite ... is far to immense for our minds to conceive in its entirety.  This does not mean that we cannot master certain laws and concepts ... but we will not master Principle until evolution brings us to It in a greater measure.

     Thousands of books have been written as attempts to master this mystery we call Infinite Mind, or God ... but the mystery grows larger as we grow in consciousness to the understanding that the more we know the more we know we must know more.  There are those who do not practice scientific-prayer ... they will tell you that all you have to do is "just know" ... but, unless we "expand" our consciousness through the use of scientific-prayer ... all we will ever know is limitation.  Limitation comes from depending on our own understanding ... the Knower is the Infinite ... and how It knows through us is still part of the mystery.  The Master Mind Jesus gave us the methodology for scientific-prayer ... and everyone can use it ... for anything.  [see Prayer Is A Powerful Thing for help with scientific-prayer]

      Almost everything in life has a certain degree of mystery.  Why we are attracted to some and not to others is part of the mystery.  Why we love someone greatly and not others is also a part of the mystery.  Why we like certain colors, foods, animals ... are also part of the mystery.  The power of our mind is also a part of the mystery.  And the results of our prayers is also part of the mystery.

      Many people pray ... and have a great faith ... but never seem to demonstrate the answer to their prayers.  In Truth, they do receive the answer to their prayers but the result does not always appear to be what they want ... and this too, is part of the mystery ... because whatever we receive is always for our highest and greatest Good ... we don't see it this way ... because we are judging the appearance ... and never realize the Good that has been made manifest for us ... given to us as Good.

       It has been said by the mystics that God is not concerned with changing things ... only changing us ... changing our consciousness.  And the greatest change that will ever occur within our consciousness ... the one change that will create within us a greater understanding of the Mystery ... is to not judge the form.  After all, what "form" is our mind contained in? ... or what "form" is our consciousness contained in? ... can we identify our conscious mind and our subconscious mind by the forms in which they exist?  Of course not ... there is no form that can contain them except God, Infinite Mind.  And this is why the mystic wrote, "in Him we live and move and have our being."  How do we understand this ... or, how much of this we understand ... gets us ever closer to understanding the Ultimate Mystery, God.


And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi