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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (September 4, 2005)      

        "There is a great difference whether or not you believe God to be within you or outside you.  For if God is outside you, how are you going to reach this God, who, not being some part of you, must be separated from you?  How can you hope to unite things which are different from each other?  But the God who IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU, being forever perfect and complete, needs no reunion with anyone and you no reunion with this God, because this God already is in your every act, every thought, every movement, in your every plan, purpose and performance.  The God within you creates every circumstance and situation you have ever experienced.  You have called these circumstances and situations things in themselves, but they never have been.  They have always been the fruition of your thought, and your thought has always been dominated by your belief in God, that is, every since you have had a self-conscious life.

        Ever since you have had self-conscious thought, you have, by your use of the law of liberty, created bondage.  Not that bondage really existed, but the possibility of using freedom in a limited way existed.  You really never BOUND freedom, you merely used it in a RESTRICTED way.  The restriction was not in the Principle, but in your use of It.  There is a difference whether you believe in actual limitation, or merely in a restricted use of freedom.  If limitation were a THING IN ITSELF you could not change it, but since it is merely an outline of experience, why not use your imagination to enlarge your experience.  When you do this you will find the Life Principle within you responds just as quickly to a broader outline.  The old outline was IMAGINARY only, NEVER REAL.  It was like the horizon where the earth and sky appear to meet, but as we travel toward this apparent dead end, we find that it disappears.

        Whatever you mentally see and spiritually comprehend, you may objectively experience, for the God within you is not limited to any one experience.  It is the Creator of all experience." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, Your Invisible Power

         I am a practical person and that is why I was attracted to the Science of Mind in the beginning.  The Science of Mind does not give us lovely and sympathetic phraseology to smooth over our feelings about the conditions and circumstances that we may face in life ... it gives us practical methods to move through experiences and benefit from them.

       As I read the news reports about the people whose lives were changed so tragically by hurricane Katrina, I could not help but think of the feelings of despair that so many of them must be experiencing.  And sadly, I know that for many of them, telling them that God was Present with them, offers little solace.  It is part of the human experience to see God separate and apart from ourselves ... religion has maintained this false concept throughout history ... and our culture supports this through the media, literature, movies and television.  Our religious dramas that have touched our hearts and souls have mesmerized us into believing that God will intervene ... that God will somehow "save us" from our circumstances ... separate and apart from us.  But, even though the Master Mind Jesus taught, "the kingdom of heaven is within you" and "don't you know that you are gods?" ... the masses of us continue to look to others to tell us "about" God rather than "realizing" the Presence of God in our very own consciousness. 

       Am I saying that people who recognize that God In-dwells them will never experience tragedy or misery ... no, I am not saying that.  What I want to convey here is that when we learn to practice the Presence of God in our lives, we will go through the tragedies and miseries knowing that we will move through them to a Greater Good ... we will experience little, if any, feelings of despair and helplessness ... and in the midst of what may seemingly appear to be hopeless circumstances and conditions ... we will continue to maintain faith and hope in our hearts and minds ... for these come from a soul that is conditioned to the In-dwelling Presence of God ... for as we "separate" God from us, we are never living from certainty, always a maybe ... not realizing that "He is closer to us than breathing" ... and this realization is our only relief from disaster.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi