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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 4, 2011 

              "My Thinking Prospers Me:  I know there is only one Source of my financial freedom, and it is God, the living Spirit almighty. In my consciousness right ideas direct my thinking in ways of abundance. I know that money is God in action. I love and appreciate money in all its forms. I love and appreciate the many channels through which it arrives in my bank account. I think in prosperous ways and rejoice in my good.
        I now demand that every limited money pattern be erased from my subconscious mind. This includes worry about money and fears of lack. This insidious subconscious thinking is now gone and shall never return. My whole consciousness is free to prosper today and in all days to come. This it does with consistency and joy. All things are working together for my happiness and freedom to do what I want at the time I want to do it.
        In my consciousness God is the principle of ease, giving me freedom to be all I choose to be. I am always supported and upheld with spiritual ideas as I live life effectively and happily. I give freely, receive freely the good I share with others. I praise the wealth of God now circulating in all my affairs.
- Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, You Are Invisible

      Psalm 35:27Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. - Holy Bible  

     Prosperity principles have filled the pages of spiritual literature throughout history.  There is a reason for this:  once understood and put into practice they become demonstrated in the lives of those who adhere to them.  And, throughout history people have judged spiritual principles as too "airy, fairy" and have ignored them.  This belief too has been demonstrated as struggle, competition, stress and depression.  Spiritual principles are part of Mind, and Mind is G-d, and just as our thoughts are within us, spiritual principles are within us.  But, too often people fail to take the time to learn how to demonstrate this Law of Mind that was revealed throughout the Bible and the Torah; i.e. Psalms 1:1 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful."  

This passage from Psalms is telling us to keep our mind free and clear of negativity otherwise we shall not be blessed.  From Job to Jesus, this Law of Mind was demonstrated clearly.  God is a Principle of ease, not struggle or confusion.  This is an immutable, changeless spiritual law.  Whatever it is that is happening in our lives that we would like to heal, or move-through, did not happen overnight and we must be patient with ourselves as we develop a consciousness that looses whatever it is from our experience.  To do this we must align our mind with the good ... with that which is of G-d.  The Infinite knows nothing of discord, lack, illness, or discomfort.  As I have stated before and often, the language of G-d is affirmation.  And so we must affirm a greater good than that which we may be momentarily experiencing.  As we can learn from Psalm 35:27, "let the LORD be magnified" ... and "Lord" symbolizes the Law of Mind responding to our affirmations and faith.

     The Law of Mind can be energized by both affirmations and denials. 
"I now demand that every limited money pattern be erased from my subconscious mind."
  ... this is a "denial" ... denials are used instead of affirmations when there appears to be resistance in our mind to accepting a greater good.  Now, some will say, that G-d does not recognize that which is negative.  And, I will agree that G-d does not.  But, our affirmations and denials are not for G-d, they are for our benefit.  We are the ones who must be convinced of the omnipresent Good ... G-d is already only aware of the Good.  Lack, whether it be in the form of health, wealth or success, are facts in the human experience.  They are not the truth, but facts nonetheless.  Affirmations and denials lift our awareness to transcend the facts and to know the truth.  I am reminded of a statement that I read early on in my study of metaphysics:  "I know the truth so don't confuse me with the facts."  The world would tell us that this is denial, that is, denying what the world perceives as the truth.  But, thinking about what is wrong instead of what is possible will never transcend the problem.

     We must never allow ourselves to feel constrained or intimidated when our faith does not match the beliefs of the world.  We are not here to change anyone's mind or beliefs but our own.  Most of us have believed in many things that we no longer believe to be true.  We have been born into a world that believes in many things that do not serve us.  Yet, we are all capable of cleansing our consciousness from not only our old beliefs, but the collective beliefs that have persisted in their attempts to take our happiness and prosperity hostage.  We do this with affirmations and denials.  Or, as Dr. O. C. Smith would often say, "we put our consciousness under surveillance."  In other words, we make conscious choices about what we accept as truth and what is not.  We contemplate the consequences of what we believe and accept as true.

     Profitable thinking is realizing that prosperity, whether it be prosperous health or wealth or happiness, is a spiritual value within us.  It is invisible until we demonstrate it.  But, it is always there.  In the scriptures we can read; "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" ... this "Christ" is the power of the Spirit within us.  We can affirm that we believe this and personalize it to whatever we are confronted with whether it be something negative to overcome or a positive expansion of the good we already possess.  Profitable thinking is thinking about what we want, not what we don't.  Now, isn't that simple?  So simple, that it will escape us unless we remind ourselves of it every day.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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