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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 4, 2016

             There are very few people who will read or listen to this message who are not familiar with Dr. Joseph Murphy's great work, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" which was first published in 1962.  But 58 years before Murphy published his book the powerfully enlightened Thomas Troward included in his ground-breaking lectures on Mental Science an in-depth spiritual awareness of the power of the subconscious mind.  Every great spiritual teacher and especially every legitimate spiritual healer has studied Troward's writings on the subconscious mind.  At first his writings may seem complex but when read in the light of spiritual truth they are direct and easily understood.

To understand the way in which the subconscious mind works we can consider what Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who in his day was one of the most progressive Christian ministers and authors, instructed:  Dr. Peale suggested that the only way we could eliminate habitual negative thoughts and images which hinder our progress and success in achieving our desires is by "displacing" these thoughts and images in our mind with those positive and affirmative thoughts and images that appeal to us.  The subconscious mind which takes everything that we give it and manifests accordingly in our experience (as you sow,  so shall you reap) will act on the new more positive and affirming thoughts and images that we give it.  Displacing them and also displacing the karmic consequences in most cases.

              Troward gives us much to think about in these words from his Edinburgh Lectures: 
"For the purpose, then, of getting into touch with our subconscious mind we must endeavour to think of ourselves as pure being, as that entity which interiorly supports the outward manifestation, and doing so we shall realize that the essential quality of pure being must be good. It is in itself pure Life, and as such cannot desire anything detrimental to pure Life under whatever form manifested. Consequently the purer our intentions the more readily we shall place our self en rapport with our subjective entity; and a fortiori the same applies to that Greater Sub-conscious Mind of which our individual subjective mind is a particular manifestation. In actual practice the process consists in first forming a clear conception in the objective mind of the idea we wish to convey to the subjective mind: then, when this has been firmly grasped, endeavour to lose sight of all other facts connected with the external personality except the one in question, and then mentally address the subjective mind as though it were an independent entity and impress upon it what you want it to do or to believe. Everyone must formulate his own way of working, but one method, which is both simple and effective is to say to the subjective mind, "This is what I want you to do; you will now step into my place and do it, bringing all your powers and intelligence to bear, and considering yourself to be none other than myself." Having done this return to the realization of your own objective personality and leave the subjective mind to perform its task in full confidence that, by the law of its nature, it will do so if not hindered by a repetition of contrary messages from the objective mind. This is not a mere fancy but a truth daily proved by the experience of increasing numbers. The facts have not been fabricated to fit the theory, but the theory has been built up by careful observation of the facts; and since it has been shown both by theory and practice that such is the law of the relation between subjective and objective mind, we find ourselves face to face with a very momentous question. Is there any reason why the laws which hold good of the individual subjective mind should not hold good of the Universal Mind also? --- and the answer is that there is not. As has been already shown the Universal Mind must, by its very universality, be purely subjective, and what is the law of a part must also be the law of the whole: the qualities of fire are the same whether the centres of combustion be great or small, and therefore we may well conclude these lectures by considering what will be the result if we apply what we have learnt regarding the individual subjective mind to the Universal Mind."

            Troward reference to "Universal Mind" may accurately be thought of as Universal Intelligence or Energy; all being synonyms for G-d.  And he is telling just as the Master Mind Jesus did and all the great mystics and prophets before him that what one can do, all can do, as we all have the same access to Universal Mind/Intelligence that is the Source of Creation itself.

            Let's look at more from Troward's Edinburgh Lectures: 
"It becomes, therefore, the most important of all considerations with what character we invest the Universal Mind; for since our relation to it is purely subjective it will infallibly bear to us exactly that character which we impress upon it; in other words it will be to us exactly what we believe it to be. This is simply a logical inference from the fact that, as subjective mind, our primary relation to it can only be on the subjective plane, and indirectly our objective relations must also spring from the same source. This is the meaning of that remarkable passage twice repeated in the Bible, "With the pure thou wilt show thyself pure, and with the crooked you make yourself seem torturous" (Ps. xviii., 26, and II. Sam. xxii., 27), for the context makes it clear that these words are addressed to the Divine Being. The spiritual kingdom is within us, and as we realize it there so it becomes to us a reality. It is the unvarying law of the subjective life that "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he," that is to say, his inward subjective states are the only true reality, and what we call external realities are only their objective correspondences. If we thoroughly realize the truth that the Universal Mind must be to us exactly according to our conception of it, and that this relation is not merely imaginary but by the law of subjective mind must be to us an actual fact and the foundation of all other facts, then it is impossible to over-estimate the importance of the conception of the Universal Mind which we adopt."

          Religion has historically attempted to dictate to us what our conception of G-d, Universal Mind/Intelligence is to us, but almost all religions are based on mankind's perceptions from a primitive era in history.  To effectively and affirmatively use the power of our subconscious mind to transcend those things that we choose to leave behind us or to increase the good that we have, we must begin to recognize that no one can truly know us intimately enough to realize our conception of our self nor our conception of the Universal Mind/Intelligence and Its relationship to us, but ourselves.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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