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Weekly Message for Sunday, September 8, 2002 

                    I absolutely love this teaching, Religious Science, because it makes such a great difference in my life.  I find it working for me in just about everything that comes into my experience.

Last week-end I had to drive to Palm Springs to visit the Corridor.  I called the caretaker prior to leaving Los Angeles and it took about 2 and a half hours to get there with the holiday traffic.  When I met the caretaker he told me he did not have the keys to the buildings.  He had given his set of keys to the electrician who was going to make copies.  It would have been easy to be irritated with this situation, but instead, I calmly asked him to call the electrician and ask him if we could pick up the keys.  As it turned out the electrician kindly offered to meet us at his office which was a few blocks away.  As I waited outside the electrician's office with the caretaker he began complaining about the weather.  It was a typical Palm Springs summer morning... about 105 degrees.  The caretaker kept repeating how hot it was, how humid it was and how miserable he was .... finally I asked him, "have you ever seen anyone change the weather?" ... and he said, "no.... why?"  So I told him, since we can't change the weather, wouldn't it be a good idea to change our attitude about it?  

             Understanding Omnipresence, I decided I would find the "good" in the situation, knowing that the "good" was available. 
The temperature was moving up ... and so I decided a little humor would be the perfect remedy for my "complaining" companion.  As I got up to walk around a bit, I looked into a store window and there was a tee-shirt on display with a statement printed on it .....  it read, "I got a dog for my husband. - It was a good trade."  This immediately hit me as hilarious and I couldn't help but laugh (I know I am going to get some criticism on this one).  The 2nd line on the tee-shirt took a simple statement and added humor to it.   The caretaker, however, did not see the humor in it at all ... he had already made himself so miserable that he was beyond humor.

The story above is a great example of what occurs in so many of our lives when we find ourselves in an experience that challenges us.  We become so miserable that we cannot transcend the misery.  Dr. O. C. used to say that we become too serious, "as serious as bad breath," he would say.  And we do.  Most of us "let" the problem take control and we become "controlled" by it.  But there is no necessity for this and it does not benefit us in any way.  As we recognize Omnipresence, EVERYTHING we see and hear, can be understood in a different way.  It Is All God ... All Good.... the Master Mind Jesus stated that we are not to judge ... but if we do, judge with righteous (right) judgment.  In other words, judge from the understanding that It's All Good .... God loves us with an ever-lasting love ... it rains on the good and the bad alike.  As we look at what we hear and see differently ... with spiritual understanding ... most of what we hear and see is fairly humorous.  As we develop our consciousness, we will definitely realize more joy and happiness in our experiences.  Consciousness is the measure of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience, that we allow ourselves to behold - it's All God! .... "let God use us in His Own Good Way?" .. let's surrender the "serious to God" knowing that as we relax and let in the humor ... we will see more and more Good .... all the time.

           Dr. Ernest Holmes was asked, "if God Is All and lacks nothing, then why did he create the world that we see?"  Ernest Holmes said, "I believe God created the world to have a good time."  I believe this as well.  Beginning right now, this moment, let's Lighten-Up and Live!  

 And So It Is! 
Living The Way To A Wonderful Life,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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