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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, September 9, 2012 

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            Our global economy continues to sputter and our economic recovery in the U. S. although maintaining a slow progress, still continues to indicate millions of people unemployed.  As we use our spiritual principles to increase our prosperity, most people accept the channel of prosperity coming through their employment.  As we have learned from the mystical Neville, "we don't get what we want, we get what we believe to be true for us."  And considering that most people can believe it to be true for them that their prosperity flows through some channel of employment, we can pray that this is true and it will be.  For the unemployed, this means a new job and for those who are employed it may take the form of a promotion or a better job, either where they are currently employed or somewhere new.  And so we continue to affirm prosperity in the form of ideas and money until we realize the level of prosperity that brings us the peace of mind and comfort that we desire to experience.

      "When you start to think prosperity and believe that money is spiritual you will be clearing your frustration.  However, you may have to undo a great deal of the past.  You may have to lessen your remembrance of early years and early family patterns.  Check yourself to see what erroneous money ideas may have developed in your consciousness.  Then disengage yourself from them.  Innumerable individuals who were born in very limited circumstances were not conditioned by it.  They rose either to prominence or at least to a place of pleasant financial security.  ... It requires self-discipline to think of money as spiritual and to honestly believe that you can be a recipient of Divine beneficence if you follow certain guidelines.  There is no simple formula.  Wise men have always known that what you believe determines what you receive. ...  Discipline yourself to have a minimum of worry and a minimum of fear.  Train your thinking to patterns of maximum expectancy." - Dr. Raymond Charles Barker (1911-1988), Author, Minister  

To reflect on the idea of being in tune with Divine circulation, observe yourself and others when they give money.  Most people like to give.  And most people like to give money which is why the idea of "tipping" became a norm rather than a rarity.  By giving money we feel a sense of prosperity and having enough to share, and these feelings of having enough creates a pattern in our subconscious mind that draws to us even more money to have to share and to spare.  There is a simplicity to this that has been understood for centuries; as within, so without.  Giving money lifts our self-esteem and increases our sense of self-worth both consciously and unconsciously.  Someone with a troubled mind; worried, fearful, rarely tips with a sense of generosity.  They may tip, but it is out of a feeling of obligation or self-consciousness.  

"Most people are conditioned to distrust other people's use of money.  They are in awe of money.  Yet they grumble because they don't have it.  You can only demonstrate what you like.  You can only demonstrate what you agree with.  If you do not have prosperity now, think back to what your habitual attitudes on money are.  This will explain a great deal.  Then decide if money is good, that it is a Divine idea, and that you want to have it in your life.  You can demonstrate money, as I have helped people do countless times in my consultation work." [Dr. Barker]

      Let us say to ourselves: 
"I can demonstrate money and lots of it!"  Now, how did you feel after saying this?  Do you believe it?  Do you want to believe it?  Then you must do the work and repeat it, get a sense of it being true for you, and then begin to expect to have it.  And, if we expect to have it, what will we use it for?  Take the idea in your mind that you "have money" ... who will you "give" it to first?  Your husband or wife?  Your children?  Your favorite charity?  A car salesman?  A real estate broker?  To your creditors?  Take the time to make up your mind about who you will "give" it to first and begin to develop the image of doing so in your mind and repeat this until it is with certainty that this is what you will do and nothing can change your mind about it.

      Many people will say that repetitive affirmations don't work.  Some people even find them laughable.  But, the wisdom of the ancients tells us that the wisest of the wise, would not agree. 
"Receptivity is dependent upon the attitudes of mind," writes Dr. Barker, and repeated affirmations shifts our attitude of mind towards that which we desire to experience.  Through repeated affirmations, and by this I mean affirming the good that we desire, not in always the exact same words, but towards a definite and specific result, until the good that we want becomes the good that we believe to be true for us.

"I believe that the demarcation between spiritual and material is something we have set up through the ages and it is time we dismissed it.  There is no line of demarcation.  Everything is spiritual and everything is fundamentally good.  When it seems evil it is because of our human misuse of mind.  This includes money, which is not merely a means of exchange, but a joy and a delight.  It is wonderful in all its forms - in accumulation, release, and spending.  It makes for spiritual freedom, while debt always carries with it a neurosis." [Dr. Barker


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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