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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 11, 2011 

              "When we pass from this plane, shall we become spirits or shall we have tangible bodies?  Form is necessary to self-expression.  We reiterate, there can be no consciousness without something of which to be conscious.  It is one of the first laws of consciousness to clothe itself in form.  The soul clothes itself in for here, and if it continues to live after the passing of the physical body, it is reasonable to conclude that it will still need and have a body.  If the soul can create and sustain a body here, there is no reason to deny its ability to create and sustain one hereafter!  We are spirits now as much as we ever shall be.  The laws of Mind and Spirit do not change with the passing of the physical body.- Ernest Holmes, The Science Of Mind

      John 14:2 "In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you." -attributed to the Master Mind Jesus

     The events of September 11, 2001, changed not only our way of life in the United States, but changed the entire global Community.  The aftermath has taken the American people into one of the longest wars in our history.  In the United States we have lived through a fear that we never imagined before; fear that we could be attacked again.  But, this fear has not been limited to fear of terrorists, but has woven its way into our religious life and our political life.  And in doing so, it has permeated the "collective consciousness" and in turn, affected every one of us.  

     I believe almost everyone will accept that a "people of faith" have a greater chance of becoming prosperous and happy; that is, people of a positive faith.  And so we know that when people accept fear, they are most likely to suffer, to struggle, both financially and spiritually.  There is much evidence in our current conditions in the world to see that this is true.  Fear and hate go hand-in-hand to diminish the good in the world; not only our peace is affected but our economies and our relationships with each other.  Racism and anti-Semitism are still present in the collective consciousness.  Anti-immigration sentiment is almost world-wide as fear has imposed a sense of withholding from others so that we can have more.  Even when this segregates people to a life of poverty, illness, and hopelessness.  Here in the United States we have politicians who continue to sign pledges to amend our Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage even though it has already been legalized in six states and throughout our neighboring country of Canada.  This is illogical and mean-spirited, but fear and hate does not provide us with logical and loving responses to the issues that we are confronted with.  Fear has raised its ugly head before in our world history and the consequences have been catastrophic every time.

     And so we look deeply into this fear and what do we find but a fear of death and loss.  Fear causes us to forget that we are immortal beings because we are part of that which is Eternal Life, G-d.  The study of evolution does not hinder our understanding that we are of G-d, and in G-d ... and G-d is in us.  We see this Intelligence, G-d, in all forms of Life.  The radical Jesus stated it so clearly when he said, as written in the Holy Bible, Matthew 5:14 "Ye are the light of the world."  This "Light" within us is G-d; it is Intelligence, Power and Spirit.  This "Light" connects us eternally with the Divine and as Jeremiah revealed to all of us:  "I have loved you with an ever-lasting love."  Ever-lasting world without end and so we know that whether we are here or in the hereafter, we are always in G-d and of G-d.  There is nothing but this Intelligence, Spirit and Power throughout Creation.  Throughout history the human race has received flashes of "knowing" that this is so.  The enlightened have attempted to describe it, to define it, so that we could understand it and know it too.  But the consciousness that fosters fear has separated us from the realization that this is the truth.  It is up to us to reject fear and accept faith, no one can do it for us.

     Fear has become a tool for both politicians and preachers.  Politicians use fear to fund-raise and to further their personal agendas.  Preachers do the same thing.  No where in the teachings of Jesus are we taught to hate anyone or to fear death and dying.  In order to hate, we must first foster fear, and once we foster both fear and hate we have separated ourselves from G-d and from each other.  There are more people afraid of hell and the devil than there are who trust in the Infinite Love of G-d.  If this were not so then there would not be a hell or a devil in the first place to fear.  The mystical Jesus knew that fear would never bring us into a more intimate relationship with G-d.  He knew that only love can provide for us an avenue in our mind to establish trust in the eternal goodness that G-d has for us.

     I am reminded of something that a young woman said in a book-signing that I went to.  She stated that she had been away at the ocean with her family when she got caught in a whirl-pool and was about to drown.  She struggled and struggled to keep from drowning and then she had the realization that if she were to die, she did not want to go to G-d in a struggle or in fear, but in peace ... peace in knowing that she could trust in G-d.  Within moments of feeling this sense of peace, she was saved from drowning.  This is the consciousness of faith that knows there is Something greater than anything we can fear.  Something that has an ever-lasting love for us and we can trust It.  As Dr. Holmes writes: 
"If the soul can create and sustain a body here, there is no reason to deny its ability to create and sustain one hereafter!  We are spirits now as much as we ever shall be."  And this is the truth for everyone of us, both here and in the hereafter ... within us is the "Light that always Shines."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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