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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 11th & 18th, 2016

             The American Mystic Ernest Holmes passed from this life three decades before I discovered his life-changing teachings.  And so I was very excited when Marilyn Leo's book "Love & Law" ... The Unpublished Teachings ... of Ernest Holmes was published.  This book contains the transcripts of the classes that Ernest Holmes personally taught.  For me, one of the most important sections of the book are the questions and answers for I know as Ernest Holmes did that we must condition our mind through prayer and study of spiritual things to remove distrust and doubt so that we move in mind to a mental certainty that becomes faith; and the universe and all that we are to ever have is built on faith.  Questions are a great mental tool that allows us to discern what truth is for us and to then create within our consciousness that faith that demonstrates the evidence of things not seen.  Blind faith is not without accomplishments but faith grounded in truth creates within us a greater confidence and ability to use the power of our mind to connect to the Intelligence that is the Source of all creation. 

I have selected the following questions and the answers given by Ernest Holmes that I feel will provide a benefit to each of us:

              Question:  There being only one mind in the universe, will you explain how a person can go on after death as an individual?  Would not the soul of the spirit, which is infinite mind, blend with the infinite and cease to be individualized?
               Ernest Holmes: 
There is a teaching which is false that there will come a time when the soul will be reabsorbed into the absolute, into the laws of its individuality.  Sir Rabindranath Tagore in his "Realization of Life" says the teaching was not originally in the ancient books of wisdom and explains it this way:  "An arrow which loses its mark in the tree retains its individuality even though immersed in the tree.
Note:  Eric Butterworth writes of something similar using the example of a raisin in a bun; the raisin continues to be a raisin even though it may be part of the bun.

Question:  What did Christ mean by saying:  "Ask everything in my name?"
              Ernest Holmes: 
Christ implies the name of every living soul.  The son begotten of the only God.
Note:  Charles Fillmore considered "in my name" to mean in the same nature of how I ask (affirm).  And "son" was a bad translation from the Original Text, it is more accurate to state "a part of God."

Question:  How can a person who must spend her time in a sickroom learn to heal or overcome the thought of sickness?  
               Ernest Holmes: 
Never treat a sick person.  We will not get them well by thinking of them as being sick but thinking of them as well and not sick.
Note:  In Ernest Holmes' answer the word "treat" is synonymous with prayer-treatment or affirmative prayer.  Spiritual mind treatment is the term used in The Science of Mind and the Religious Science teaching.

                Question:  How would you treat for one who is in great pain?
                 Ernest Holmes: 
You will realize inner peace for them.  Treat yourself first.  Realize that you are one with the Infinite Mind. That is all the power there is.  You will speak the word and neutralize that thought.  Just know that it is.  You would say:  "There is nothing but peace in the universe, quiet, rest, and I decree and declare that right here in this case."  Your word takes its effect.  It is perfect freedom and this word recognizes the one perfect mind flowing through you.
            Question:  It is difficult for me to get an impersonal attitude when treating myself.  How may this be overcome?
                Ernest Holmes: 
In order to get impersonal and eliminate feeling, sit down and say:  "I am treating Mary Jones."  then forget yourself.  Right there give this treatment impersonally and in mind think it clearly, distinctly, and coherently until you know that the word you speak is the truth about Mary Jones and not yourself.

Question:  How can we get a mental equivalent?
                 Ernest Holmes: 
By practice, meditation, thought, study, intelligence, concentration, inspiration, hope, faith, love, prayer, desire, and work; there is no other way.  Suppose I had a business which was fair but not good.  I wanted to make it better.  I must treat myself to induce within myself a consciousness of a still greater activity until there is no longer anything in me which denies that greater activity and until it is very real to me, even before it is objectified.

Question:  What mental treatment would you give for one who has lost a friend?
                 Ernest Holmes: 
You should realize for them that the consciousness of the realization of Unity, which is the one mind in every personality, is eternal mind and that there is no separation.  As the consciousness cognizes the realization of unity, that sense of loss is supplied with a consciousness of presence and healing takes place.

Question:  What is habit?
                  Ernest Holmes: 
It is a desire to express something which you feel gives life satisfaction.

Question:  What do you mean by the Word?
                   Ernest Holmes: 
The Word is the activity of Intelligence.

Question:  What can be done to make a person who has lost all desire to live, desire to continue to live?
                   Ernest Holmes: 
This means:  What should a person do who has lost all desire to live, lost ambition, faith, vital force?  There must be awakened within a recognition of life.  The person needs that.  There are many people just like that.  If you are treating, you will find in your experience that many people who come to you have to be healed of that very thing.  Their dis-ease is a lack of vitality, lack of animation and energy.  Vital force is the cause of a lack of a definite vital interest in something.  Your will find that if you trace back the mental cause of this thing, you will be able to get back to a place in their lives where something died out of their experience.  Scientists interpret effects and the nature of them; a philosopher discovers the cause of that effect and is, therefore, much greater than the scientist.  People must have awakened within them a desire to live.

         My hope is that these questions and answers have been beneficial to each of you and also that they have given you greater insight into the relationship of mind and mental disposition to our life experiences.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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