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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 13, 2009 

                      "Take stock of your references to money.  It is often said about some financial commitment, "Oh, it's only money!"  It is a subtle put-down.  It is just such flippant attitudes toward money that create a resistance which blocks the flow of the substance current.  (Note that "current" gives rise to the word currency.)  Have you ever noticed the grim expressions on people's faces as they go to their purses or wallets for money to make a payment?  It would strongly suggest a negative identification.  The need is to turn this around.  Money is good!  Money is God in action!  Feel good about making contact with the divine current.  Handle the currency with the joyous feeling that you are in the flow. ... Take out a dollar bill and hold it in your hands.  Turn it face up (the side with the black printing).  The identifying feature of the dollar on this side is the number "1" (or "5" or "10" and so on)  The number represents the bill's limitation.  It is one dollar, not one penny more.  Now turn the bill over to the green side.  Focus your attention on that lovely inscription, "IN GOD WE TRUST."  Note what you have done.  As you turned the bill over, you turned from limitation to limitlessness, from the "onlyness" (it is one dollar) to Allness (I put my trust in the Allness of infinite supply)."  -  Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics
The spirit of the words above by Eric Butterworth are not so much about money, but about gaining a realization of the Allness of G-d, the limitlessness of the Spirit.  Habitually, we more often than not, practice the "absence of G-d" rather than realizing the "presence of G-d."  We don't do this consciously, but unconsciously.  Anytime we recognize lack or limitation in any form, we are practicing the "absence of G-d" ... for neither lack or limitation can exist when we recognize that G-d is present and available to us.  This simple action in mind of recognizing the Allness of G-d ... also recognizes that we are "all-ways" living in the Presence ... for Omnipresent G-d is present in every breath we take ... All-Present.  

          Let these words enter your mind:  "I am in the presence of the Presence of G-d."  And know with me that this means that we have infinite Intelligence available to us ... for not only is G-d Omnipresent, G-d is Omniscient ... All-Knowing Intelligence.  This Intelligence thinks through us.  It is the intelligence that moves through our mind when we seek the answer to a problem, or when we seek a new idea to improve our life circumstances.  This Intelligence, like the Presence of G-d, is "all-ways" available to us ... It cannot be limited for It is limitless.  This Intelligence moves through our mind as "awareness" ... awareness of our relationship to G-d, and our relationship to the world in which we live.  Without the activity of this Intelligence moving through the mind of man, we would still believe the world was flat, that the Sun rotated around the Earth ... and very little of what we take for granted today would exist.  This Intelligence permeates everything ... the seemingly small to the seemingly infinite.

"Luke 18:25 For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." - The Master Mind Jesus, Holy Bible, King James Version

        So many have used the above words of the Master Mind Jesus to negate wealth and prosperity.  But, as with all statements from Jesus, this one has great metaphysical significance.  He is telling us that too often in the world, we believe that money gives us security and as long as we believe that money is our security, we will also experience, in our mind, insecurity.  Like Eric Butterworth, the Master Mind Jesus knew that no matter how much wealth we may have, it is not limitlessness.  We cannot depend on money, we can only depend on G-d, Principle, anything else, including great wealth, can only give us a false sense of security.  Money comes and money goes and even the wealthiest on Forbes annual list do not possess " limitlessness" of abundance without G-d.  And we all know stories of people who have won large sums of money in lotteries only to experience chaos in their lives and ended up broke.  Wealth is wonderful and a prosperity consciousness provides for ease and comfort in life, but, we must never lose sight of the Source of our wealth and prosperity.  Whatever our circumstances may be, our state of finances, health, relationships ... that much we have accepted through our consciousness.  But, we can always accept more, right where we are.

      No matter what we may be experiencing, recognizing the presence of G-d in our lives is the solution.  Thinking about the Good, in whatever form it may be, and turning from that which appears to be less than the Good we desire, in our mind, seems too simple ... but nothing else will give us the results we desire.  It is the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak.  But, in truth, the Light is always with us .... we just must recognize that It is ... the "tunnel effect" is created in our mind by our lack of recognition of the presence of the Power and Intelligence available to us, in G-d.  And a mind that believes in the "light at the end of the tunnel" is no different than saying "some day" ... thinking these things will only cause delay in receiving that which we want to receive.  As we bring into our mind a greater awareness of the "limitlessness" and "All-ness" of G-d ... then we know that G-d Is right now ... not at the end of the tunnel or tomorrow ... think deeply about this "G-d Is" not "G-d will be" ... this means that at the moment we fully embody and accept the Good that we want, it is ours, if ........ our mind does not delay it by thinking it forward ... rather than believing it is, now.

      I know that there are more words and statements like "the light at the end of the tunnel" and "some day" that delay our demonstration of the Good that we seek.  I also know that we can all be more conscious of the words and statements that we use.  Even if they are habitual, we can break the habit of using them.  "G-d Is" ... this is what we must take to the deepest part of our mind .. "Is" ... "Is" ... "Is" ... until it eliminates and erases all things unlike it in our consciousness.  I don't know about you but I don't want to wait until the light is shining at the end of the tunnel ... I want the Light, the Intelligence, the Is-ness of G-d to reveal Itself to me now in the very Good that I accept for myself now.

     Now, take out a $1 bill or a $5, or a$10 dollar bill and look at it consciously ... it is "only a $1 or a $5 or a $10" ... then flip it over and read the words "In God We Trust" ... and contemplate the All-ness of the Infinite Good that is available to us from the One Source, which is G-d.  Now, say these words in quiet confidence: "I put my trust in the Allness of infinite supply."  And accept within that "G-d Is" ... that "Good Is" available to us now.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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