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Weekly Message for Sunday, September 14, 2003

                       Meditation is an essential part of the Spiritual Life.  There are many forms of meditation that we can use to get ourselves "still" enough so that we can listen to God ... Infinite Spirit.  Without the practice of some form of meditation the stillness that is necessary to create within our consciousness the state of mind that is confident that the All Power is within us, is almost impossible.  Each of us must find our way to make this most important realization.  Unless we take the time to remove ourselves in mind from the world of affairs we will never realize the essence of what the Master Mind Jesus was teaching when He stated, "it is the Father that doeth the work, the Father works and I work."  The purpose of the stillness or of meditation is to take us from a state of "work" to a state of "grace and ease" ... to that state of "knowing" that all the Power we need to heal, to prosper and to succeed in Life is awaiting our acceptance ... and when we arrive at this state of "knowing" we witness the fulfillment of our heart's desires.

No matter what any of us may be experiencing at this moment, we can begin to experience something greater.  We can attune our mind to thoughts of happiness and success.  We can become so enthusiastic about Life that success, prosperity and happiness begin unfolding with grace and ease.  We don't have to fight for our Good ... or argue for our Good ... all we must do is allow this Omnipresent Good to unfold through us.  Each and every one of us is an inlet and an outlet for the expression of Infinite Good.  "The Universe is bursting with Its own Power.  Give that power a way to express and It performs wonders.  You are a way for it to express,"  explains Dr. Ernest Holmes, author of "The Science of Mind."

As we make the choice each day to "stir up the spirit within us,"  tremendously wonderful things begin to happen in our lives.  Infinite Good is always seeking to express ... and it can express through us.  But, Good cannot express through a mind filled with anguish and despair ... or a mind filled with envy, resentment or bitterness ... neither can it express through a mind that is focused on the past ... or even the future ... Infinite Good expresses best through a mind that is focused on the Now ... on the Good that is at hand ... not on the Good that was ... or the Good that will be.  As we meditate on the Good that is at hand ... and we get a "sense of the Good increasing" we will witness an increase.  Increased happiness, increased peace, increased health and increased wealth ... we all have something to increase ... either visible or invisible ... and as we sit in meditation or the Silence and contemplate the Infinite nature of God ... we will become in tune with Infinite Good.

       Quiet your mind ... take the time to feel the Presence of the Presence ... chant silently to your self ... "pour Your Self in me ... pour Your Self into my heart .. sing Your song in me ... sing Your song into my heart ... smile and dance in me ... smile and dance into my heart" ... ask God to come into your heart ... and when you feel the Spirit of God within you ... quietly listen ... for there is a message for you that only you can hear.



 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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