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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 16, 2007 

                                                             "The greatest demonstrations are always made with the most perfect ease.  When I say ease I mean we must recognize that everything is right and so long as anything comes up in our consciousness which says that these things are all wrong, then we may know that we are still dis-eased about that particular thing.  If we take with us that realization that everybody is our friend, everything is lovely, everything is perfect, we will find right there the very thing we take with us and there is nothing beyond the bounds of our concept.  Mrs. Eddy said:  "Mind sees what it believes as clearly as it believes what it sees." - Dr. Ernest Holmes

There is nothing in our life that cannot be improved or changed, if we are willing to change our mind about it.  At first glance, this seems simple enough.  But, for many of us, it is not always as simple as it appears, as the mind that is convinced of one thing ... must be convinced of something different.  And in this convincing ourselves of something different, we must realize our responsibility for the thoughts that perpetuate the condition or situation.  Oftentimes, our thoughts are coming from past "conditioning" and we are not quickly aware of their impact on our current experiences.  However, even if we do not know what these thoughts are, we can still "think the new thought" that brings about the change that we seek.

     I believe that it is a wonderful thing to realize that Life gives us what we believe about it.  And the evidence of this is so apparent if we are willing to take the time to observe this Universal Law in action.  Our difficulty lies in the fact that it isn't always immediately apparent to us.  The Law is automatic and immediate, but It's action is always in Mind first.  And to have this realization is to understand the process of Creation ... and to trust in it.  I remember reading the words of a minister regarding prayer-treatment where she stated that she "didn't have time to wait on the Law of Cause and Effect" ... but what are the options? ... everything is Cause and Effect ... and in reality they are the same.  The important thing for us to remember is that which we "choose" to "believe and accept" is "cause" ... and leave the rest to Infinite Intelligence to work out into our experiences in the right and perfect time and the right and perfect way.

     But, for many of us, we are intimidated by other people.  So many times we actually put ourselves in situations because we are worried about what people will think ... or we don't want to hurt someone's feelings.  But, we can never master our lives if our mind is on the thoughts and feelings of other people.  This is self-manipulation.  We are not responsible for the thoughts and feelings of others and as long as we are acting with integrity to what we believe and accept for ourselves, we will rarely find ourselves in a position to be concerned about these things.  It is spiritual weakness to rely on the opinions and assumptions of other people when forming judgments in our mind.  Spiritually strong people are "self-reliant" ... not dependent on anyone else's opinions ... especially gossip.  To rely on opinions or gossip rather than having a healthy reliance on truth is mental dis-ease.  For unless we know the truth ... we will always be acting from confusion ... and confusion will appear in our lives, sometimes where we least expect it to.

     Life does not manipulate us ... and neither should we allow ourselves to be manipulated.  We must always define truth in our mind as that which we personally have found to be the truth.  Anything less will keep us from demonstrating " the Truth" in our lives in any consistent way.  God, Infinite Spirit, always upholds us in what we believe about our life.  "The Father works, and then I work," the Master Mind Jesus stated.  As we fill our mind with thoughts of health and happiness, love and prosperity, we are thinking in agreement with God's abundant Good.  And even if we don't see an immediate change we can know that the change has been effected ... and in due time will manifest according to our belief ... providing we keep faith with It.

As we affirm, "what a wonderful thing Life is" ... we open our mind to greater experiences that reflect more of the Good that we choose for ourselves.   We open ourselves to unexpected blessings in our lives.  This affirmation is not only a declaration of Truth but is also a statement of gratitude.  And I assure you, that as you affirm "what a wonderful think Life is" and experience the increased Good in your life ... your gratitude will be felt tremendously!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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