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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (September 17, 2006)      

       ``We are not one with Infinite Mind, but one in it.  Do you see the difference?  We are in it; we are not with it.  If you say, "I am one with Infinite Mind," there is a subtle sense of God and you.  There is no separation if you say, "I am in God."  Whether you think it objectively or whether you think it subjectively, you are thinking in God.  The objective thought leaves the brain and goes into expression.  There is no avoiding the thought that you are in God.  There is nothing but immutability in the universe.  We are Infinite in all capacity to think, to will, to wish.''... - Dr. Ernest Holmes

To gain an even greater understanding of the paragraph above written by Dr. Ernest Holmes, we can consider the ocean and the wave ... the wave is individual and distinctive ... but it is in and of the ocean.  This is our relationship to the Infinite ... we are individual and distinctive ... but we are in and of God ... and just as the wave has no life separate and apart from the ocean ... we have no life separate and apart from God.  As simplistic as this analogy may seem to be ... it is a profound Truth.  It is the Truth for all of Life ... for Life is God ... in and of God.

      There are those who will tell us that we are a "child of God" ... but this is not true ... a child is separate and apart from its mother and father.  This language denotes separation ... it is subtle but Mind reflects this subtlety in our experiences.  We are not separate and apart from God ... we are not all of God, but all that we are is God ... in God.  And this we must condition our mind to realize in the greatest way possible.  Life is God and Life supports, sustains, and maintains our life as the ocean sustains the wave.  In scripture we can read, "in Him we live and move and have our being."  

     As we contemplate, meditate, and fill our minds with this immutable Truth, we begin to actualize our One-ness in God to a greater measure in all areas of our life.  Realizing that we are "in God" ... we also realize that there is no unhappiness in God ... no depression, in God ... no lack in God.  The full-range of limited human experiences can be eliminated as this realization is actualized in our personal experiences.

     As we look at world events, we can easily see the evidence that we have been acculturated to believe in separation ... from God and from each other.  And most of this comes in the form of religion and politics in our culture.  As we are conscious of being separate from God ... we accept this same separation from each other.  Religion separates us by theologies ... by good and evil ... by saints and sinners ... and even more.  Politics separates us for worldly power and political gain.  Both politics and religion have organizational structures that support separation.  And religion goes even further and attempts to separate us from God based on nonsense created by man.

     The realization of being "in God" will bring more energy, more life, into our every experience.  It will "lift us up" ... from the dis-ease created by living at a low-level of spirit or energy.  When our spirits are high ... created a higher level of energy in our mind, body and soul ... we do not succumb to dis-ease in our health, our finances, our relationships ... or whatever else concerns us.  But we must "purposefully" condition our mind to be in the flow of this great spiritual energy ... the essence of God.

No one is outside of God ... we are all "in God" ... and to think this is so is to align ourselves with the highest Truth.  But ... we must "think" into our mind this Truth ... or otherwise, we will be "in the world" ... and our mind will be disconnected to the Divine urge that impels us to rise higher in consciousness to accept the power, the presence and the activity of mind in the nature of God ... we will still be "in God" ... but we will not reap the benefits of "knowing" this is so ... if we lack the awareness of it.

     Within each of us is an infinite amount of love, peace, joy, happiness, harmony and power ... for this is God within us.  But, just reading these words does not actualize it in our experience ... we must "know" that it is so ... and we can ... through faith ... faith that takes the time to meditate, contemplate and actively affirm that this is true for each of us ... and this is faith we can count on!

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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