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Affirmative Prayer

Frank E. Richelieu
"The Art Of Being Yourself" 


The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 17, 2017


              “The question is often asked regarding the difference between audible and silent treatment (affirmative prayer), and whether one is more effective than the other.  For myself, I have always found that audible treatment is more productive.  Make your statements aloud, and rapidly.  You will find that as you do this, your full attention will be given to the treatment, and all distractions will be shut out of your consciousness.
                Naturally, there are times and places where audible treatment is either impossible or embarrassing, and in such events silent treatment is necessary.  All treatment given with definite sincerity will produce results, either audible or silent, but a spoken treatment usually absorbs the full attention of the one treating and thus impresses the subconscious more easily.
               Finally, the greater your sense of God, the greater your life will be.  Consistent repetition of a Spiritual Idea eventually produces a demonstration.  God responds to man, as man thinks in terms of God." 
These words taken from the booklet, "Treatment:  What It Is And How To Do It" by the great Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, has provided countless numbers of people relief from the challenges they have faced in life.  Louise Hay refers to Dr. Raymond Charles Barker's words in her best selling book, "You Can Heal Your Life":  "When there is a problem, there is not something to do, there is something to know. – Dr. Raymond Charles Barker (because our thoughts are what create problems and pain)."

I am a very strong advocate of handwriting out our prayers and affirmations.  When we write them out we create a stronger identification with the results that we seek and make a greater impression in our mind of what it is and what is required of us to realize the thing.  "To whom much is given much is required" we read in the ancient wisdom and every change we desire to make in our life experience requires a change in us.  And the most important change that we must make is the way in which we think about ourselves and our ability to effect change in our life.  I believe this is why Dr. Raymond Charles Barker suggests that we say our prayers out loud.  By saying them out loud we are impressing the words on our soul as the truth for us and this automatically begins the process of creating a change within our thinking and the images and ideas that arise in our conscious mind.  Write it out ... and shout it out ... rapidly, so that our conscious mind cannot doubt what we say.

           This week, or this day, I suggest that we study this affirmative prayer-treatment written by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker.  And after careful study, write out our own prayer-treatment and say it out loud, rapidly.  This prayer-treatment is titled "My Thinking Prospers Me":
I know there is only one Source of my financial freedom, and it is God, the living Spirit almighty. In my consciousness right ideas direct my thinking in ways of abundance. I know that money is God in action. I love and appreciate money in all its forms. I love and appreciate the many channels through which it arrives in my bank account. I think in prosperous ways and rejoice in my good.  
              I now demand that every limited money pattern be erased from my subconscious mind. This includes worry about money and fears of lack. This insidious subconscious thinking is now gone and shall never return. My whole consciousness is free to prosper today and in all days to come. This it does with consistency and joy. All things are working together for my happiness and freedom to do what I want at the time I want to do it.  
             In my consciousness God is the principle of ease, giving me freedom to be all I choose to be. I am always supported and upheld with spiritual ideas as I live life effectively and happily. I give freely, receive freely the good I share with others.  I praise the wealth of God now circulating in all my affairs.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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