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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 18, 2011 

              "Self-condemnation is always destructive and should never be indulged in by anyone, it is always a mistake.  There is no question but that all of us have done that which is not for the best ... because all have fallen short of the Divine Calling. - Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

       "It shall be done to you according to your faith." - Jesus,
[Matthew 9:29]

       "What we think, we become." - Buddha

       Prosperity is one with a mind that is free, and there is nothing that steals our freedom away more than shame.  Guilt and shame are both psychological and spiritual dis-eases that separate us from the truth about ourselves and the truth about our relationship with G-d, Infinite Spirit.  So many people find themselves "stuck" as they seek to increase their prosperity, success and joy.  We can be diligent in our spiritual practices; prayer, meditation, affirmation, silent communion, yet find no movement in our circumstances.  There is no movement, no increase, no positive change, because we are stuck.  And shame is most often the "cause" ... "being stuck" is just the effect.

     In AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), healing begins with the declaration, "I am an alcoholic" ... yet, we know alcoholism and drug addiction are "effects" not "causes" ... the result of some mental disturbance in the consciousness ... and this almost always is derived from shame about something.  Shame can be a very subtle thing, but not always.  Sometimes people can easily point out what they are ashamed of; i.e. I had a man tell me that his house went through foreclosure and not only did he lose his house but his family lost their way of life.  He said, "I am so ashamed of this."  Shame "causes" a sense of insecurity and inferiority.  It is felt as depression, dissatisfaction, helplessness, and not being safe and secure in the world in which we live.  It can be identified as a feeling of being in bondage to circumstances that seem beyond our control.  It is debilitating and holds us mentally to the level of the problem and seemingly unable to find solutions.  We must make every effort to heal it as quickly as it is identified.  If there could be a devil, shame would be it, for shame makes us feel like we are in a living hell.

     There is no shame in the Spirit and we should affirm this as the truth for us in order to free our mind.  To eliminate shame, we must first know that it can be eliminated from our consciousness and then sit in the silence of our mind, consciously turning to the Spirit within, and affirm that all fragments of shame be eliminated and cleansed from our mind.  We must be willing to consciously reject any thoughts of shame when it comes to our awareness.  With G-d all things are possible, but we must first, believe.  And, we must want to believe.  Not everyone does.   As Ernest Holmes writes in The Science of Mind; "There is a law of unfoldment in all of us, which says we can advance only by going from where we are to the place we would like to be.  This is not because the Law of G-d is limited, but because It is law.  As we unfold in our mentality, the Law automatically reacts to us."  This is in accordance with the statements of both the radical Jesus and the mystical Buddha [see top of page].

     Feelings of shame can become habitual.  But we can control these feelings with the power of our mind.  We can call this power within us G-d, or Spirit, or just our Higher Power flowing through us ... or we can call It Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness ... what we call It makes no difference in how It works for us, through us.  Let us know that as we recognize this Power Greater than we are, It will do for us what It did for Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha ... It will respond to us.  It will respond to our insecurity and sense of inferiority or It will respond to our confidence and our faith.  Let us realize that whatever it is that we are ashamed of, or whatever it is that causes us to feel shame ... is in the past.  It is done, finished.  We can make amends for the things that we can, but this is not always possible, nor always immediate.  However, this we know for certain, there is no pleasure in shame, yet there is pleasure in knowing that we have the power to heal it.

     Dr. Frank Richelieu writes in his book, The Art of Being Yourself, that we are to dwell on these words until we "know" they are the truth for us:  "It is not the problems in my life that matter.  It is my response to them.  Any problem is a secondary thing.  I can let it tear me to pieces or I can let it bind me more closely to the Power that is within me.  I can let it negate my living or I can let it stimulate me to a greater expression."  Dr. Frank goes on to write that our emotions joined with our imagination can tear us to pieces when we are in a difficult situation ... and feeling shame is a difficult situation.  But, he writes, when we unite intelligence with the imagination, we become stronger and we can create a way out of our difficulties.

     What we now know is that the Intelligence of Spirit, G-d, is the intelligence within us.  And we can consciously use this intelligence to find solutions, to strengthen our resolve, to gain a greater sense of confidence, to heal the shames of the past, and to move forward always being alert to any thought that we have that "shames us" ... and we reject it immediately.  Let us remember as we go through this week, the words of Dr. Holmes;
Self-condemnation is always destructive and should never be indulged in by anyone, it is always a mistake."  Let us fill our mind with that which gives us joy ... something that cheers us up.  Let us fill our mind with the truth about ourselves ... that we have the power to control the conditions in our life by controlling our responses and reactions to them.  Let us know this with certainty.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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