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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (September 19, 2004)         

         Recently I was reading a news article and the writer referred to the new wave of "angry Christianity" that is sweeping the country (United States).  It seems Christians are angry at just about everything that is going on.  The word "anger" is only one letter away from "danger" so I decided to give this some attention (pardon the pun).  Anyway ... lest we forget, this is a "sowing and reaping" Universe so we can understand that if we are sowing seeds of anger and righteous indignation ... something is surely to develop .... and it did.

      The Los Angeles Times reported last Sunday about a scandal with TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) co-founder and president, Paul Crouch ... and the anger quadrupled ... accusations were flying as high as kites ... and the story even made the newspaper here in sleepy Palm Springs.  The story is about more than just sex and money although both played prominently in the drama ... it is about Truth ... "there is nothing unseen that will not be seen" ... so often this statement is forgotten when people get caught in the midst of problems.

      I truly do not want to go into the details regarding Paul Crouch and his accuser ... those who want to know more can find it out on their own.  But the aspect of the story that I want to address here is the behavior of the ministers mentioned in the story.  You see, ministers are called to heal, to prosper and to bless ... we are not called to get involved in judgment, gossip or looking the other way when someone needs our help.  This is why I was interested in Benny Hinn's part in the news story because Benny's work is healing ... he even makes a big show of this being his work.  Here's Benny's part in the news story from the Los Angeles Times:  "A former bodyguard for TBN personality Benny Hinn testified in a deposition that during a European bus tour that year, Hinn had told a group of associates about "a sexual relationship that Paul Crouch had with his chauffeur." ... The witness, Mario C. Licciardello, quoted Hinn as saying:  "Paul's defense was that he was drunk." ... Hinn and six others mentioned by Licciardello, who died in 2000, told The Times that Hinn never made such remarks.  However, Rick Jones, a retired police officer and ordained minister who worked for Hinn, sad he heard Hinn talk about Crouch's alleged homosexual relationship on that bus. ... Jones said he was disgusted by the talk and "got up and walked away.  I didn't want to hear gossip."

     So here we are with varying accounts of the news story by ministers.  There are those who will stand up resolutely for Paul Crouch ... no matter what is said or what evidence is presented.  There are those also who will defend the actions of Benny Hinn ... no matter what is said or what evidence is presented.  There are also those who will stand up for Rick Jones and accept his words as the truth.  But, how many of us are willing to look at the situation without judgment and just see the Law of "sowing and reaping" at work?

     TBN is a Christian Broadcast Network ... teaching the Christian theology as followers of Jesus ... but so much of what is broadcast is contradictory to the Teachings of Jesus ... most of what is broadcast is judgmental and harsh in its divisiveness.  The programs aired on September 11th depicted a God that favored the United States over other nations ... in fact, if I heard the words "Our Nations God" once I heard it a dozen times.  To teach that there is a God of the United States that is separate and apart from the God of other countries is ridiculous.  The old "our God is bigger than your God" ... is hateful and harmful to progress towards peace in the world.  It seems that the Christian religious leaders and the Catholic religious leaders, just cannot be happy until we all conform to their way of thinking and their morality.  But what is their morality?  This year we have had scandal after scandal in the Catholic Church that has cost millions of dollars in lawsuits ... and here we are presented with this information, whether true or not, of one of the most prominent of Christian leaders.  Benny Hinn repeatedly tells his audience that homosexuality is an abomination ... but I guess it's not so bad when an alleged homosexual runs the network that your show is broadcast on ... after the remarks allegedly attributed to him, Benny is still on TBN.

    Why are these Christians so angry?  I really don't know since I don't understand hypocrisy ... but the evidence tells us that something is not right ... for the Law of sowing and reaping only brings us what we sow!

And So It Is!           
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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