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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 19, 2010 

                                          "Within you is the power to be yourself.  Jesus dared to live his own life, to be himself.  He kept contact with his Source.  He did not try to copy anyone else.  He was not here to imitate.  He was here to take a leadership role in life.  He was showing by example that each of us is unique and endowed with the creative power of Life to express our uniqueness - as long as we keep a conscious contact with our Source intact." - Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, The Art Of Being Yourself 

      This week I was reminded once again of the effectiveness of writing or speaking Prayer-Treatments daily by someone's testimonials.  Persistence in our prayers can and will bring us results that often are beyond what our expectations have been.  Dr. Holmes writes in The Science of Mind that "Truth works independently of us" ... all we must do is name and claim what our good shall be and Infinite Intelligence responds to us affirmatively.  In the scriptures we can read that Jesus' disciples went to him and asked him to teach them how to pray.  From this the question arises as to why he had not taught them without their asking?  The reason is simple, we must be compelled from within to want to pray effectively.  A teacher cannot teach anyone anything until they truly want to learn, and if they truly want to learn, then there is within them the desire to put what they learn into practice.  It was the Master Mind Jesus who stated "don't cast your pearls before swine."  And in truth, affirmative prayer is the "pearl of great price" ... and we must be willing to pay the price to master it.  That is, the time and effort it takes to understand it and practice it until our words are consistently backed by faith and authority that comes with the confidence of knowing that our prayers are immediately responded to through the Love and Law of the Universal Presence we call G-d.

     This week I am continuing with the 5-Steps of Prayer-Treatment;
1) Recognition, 2) Unity/Identification, 3) Realization/Declaration, 4) Thanksgiving/Acceptance, 5) Release.  Last week I wrote about "Realization/Declaration" and the weeks before, "Recognition"  and "Identification" ... these messages are included on the 2010 Archive page.  This week, I will cover, "Thanksgiving/Acceptance" ... the 4th Step in the mental process of Prayer-Treatment.

     Once again, I want to stress that prayer is not to "convince" G-d of anything, but to "clear our mind" of those things that we have come to accept for ourselves and for others that separates us from the good that is ours by Divine Right.  When we "accept" the good results of our prayer, we are accepting that we have "recognized" the Power of G-d, "identified" with G-d Intelligence, and by "declaring" our good, we now have the authority, because of our "awareness" of this Power and Intelligence of G-d right where we are, to accept our good and be grateful that it is ours.  Every healing and demonstration of good, must first be "accepted" in the mind of the one praying as completed.

     Acceptance, like faith, must be nurtured and fostered in our mind before it is established in our consciousness, this is why we continue to write or speak Prayer-Treatments until we have that inner knowing that we "have it" ... even though it may still be in the un-Seen.  We must trust our "intuitive knowing" that this is so.  One of the ways in which we will "know" that our prayers have been answered before the results are made manifest in the physical, is that we will feel a very deep sense of gratitude that the Infinite has responded.

     It is important that we realize that as we connect with the Spirit daily using Prayer-Treatment, we will gradually feel a greater sense of peace and of being loved.  This Power, Presence and Intelligence that we call G-d, is not without warmth and feeling ... we are created in Its image and likeness so we know that this is true.  G-d is personal to each of us for we are a part of Its Life ... Its expression into form.  If we doubt that our prayers will be answered we can remind ourselves of our eternal relationship to the One.  In the Book of Jeremiah we can read:  "I have an ever-lasting love for you."  It is this love for us that G-d gives us the desire, gives us the awareness of a greater good, and then gives us the good we seek as It identifies this good through our heart and soul.  As we practice Prayer-Treatment daily, the time will come when we will realize our "acceptance" at the moment we are aware of our good desires.  Let us remind ourselves that we depend on G-d to provide "all" our needs, whatever they may be ... to depend on anything else, is always depending on limitation.  As Dr. Bitzer would state over and over, "Principle knows and does" ... and so we depend on Principle, not person, place or thing.

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote the following words for Prayer-Treatment Step #4, "Thanksgiving/Acceptance": "I now accept the creative action of the words I have spoken as the law and the thing whereunto they are directed. They go forth into immediate fulfillment. Right now are they fully manifest. There is no delay, there is nothing that can prevent them from now being fully and completely fulfilled in my experience. They are words of power and of good. I accept them, I know they are the truth of that which I am. In and through them God goes forth anew into creation. It is now done, it is now complete. For this knowledge, for this understanding, I am grateful. I give thanks that all this is so. I know and accept that there is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, and that Life is my life now. Right now.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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