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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 20, 2009 

                      ".... the most important aspect of John 3:16 is "for God so loved the world that he gave.:  God is the divine givingness of the Universe.  And you are created in the image-likeness of this divine givingness.  You cannot make any sense out of life or realize the free flow of substance in your experience until you begin to see yourself as a giver.  It may mean a complete turnaround in your approach to life, where you think "give" instead of "get."  In your spiritual quest, you are seeking to establish yourself in a unique relationship with the divine flow.  You can never really achieve this level of consciousness until giving becomes the main thrust of your life.  And when it does, when you discover the wonder of giving, you become, unblushingly, and incurable giver.  Meditate long on this point, for it is one of the most important keys of the prosperity law."  -  Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics
This "divine givingness" we are to achieve is not specifically about giving to charity, or giving to a church, and so forth, Dr. Butterworth explains, but an "attitude toward life, the basic awareness that life is a matter of developing and unfolding from within.  It is knowing that life is not something to get but something to express.  It is the fulfilling awareness that your business is always the express business, no matter what name your worldly vocation may bear."  

          In other words, it is our business is to express the divine nature within us, the givingness, the creativity within us, the talents and skills that are ours to give.  And when we work in a giving consciousness, we will have even more to give.  As we know in the Science of Mind and from the Master Mind Jesus, "give and be given to."  Eric Butterworth writes that:  "If all you get out of your work is a paycheck, you are short-changing yourself."  

         This "give and be given to" can be tricky for those of us who have experienced the teachings of traditional religious leaders.  As Eric Butterworth writes in his book:  "Often the religious book or teacher will talk out of self-interest and insist that the giving must go to the church.  The giving is a state of consciousness that may eventuate in many different ways.  But the important thing is to think, give!  Say to yourself, "I will think give today.  I will think give every day of my life."  The Law is clear.  It promises:  Think give, and you will get.  It is a fundamental key to achieving prosperity."

        Many people tell me that they are not satisfied with the work they are doing.  Some do the work they do because they believe it supports them financially.  Other people feel limited by their education and so they work in jobs that they don't have any real interest in, but "that's why they call it work" they say.  But, the emotional and mental payment that is extracted from these types of attitude will only make us tired, and sometimes depressed.  The solution for this, is to look at our work in another way.  Get a better idea of it, so to speak, for we have convinced ourselves of something false.  No matter what we are doing, there is always an opportunity to give more "of ourselves" in what we are doing.  There are no mistakes in Spirit and there are no mistakes in you and me ... we are where we are because in consciousness we have been guided to it ... and there is something for us to do before we move on ... but we won't know what it is until we begin to do everything that we can think of ... both mentally and physically that we can find to do.

         We can never put our consciousness "on hold" ... whatever our predominate thoughts are, that is what we become.  If we are choosing to have a successful life, we must advance this idea of success in all that we do.  And the thing that advances our success, is giving.  Whenever we withhold our creative abilities, we block the flow of Creative Mind that provides us with the guidance, direction and ideas that expand and develop a greater success in our life experience.  We can "control conditions through the power of Mind" ... and we do this by controlling our reactions to the things that we have, that we do, and who we are.

      Eric Butterworth, in his book, "Spiritual Economics" offers a simple story with a profound lesson:  "The president of a great railroad was on an inspection tour when he encountered a laborer in a section gang with whom he had worked in that same work some forty years earlier.  He greeted his old friend warmly, remembering the "old days."  The tired old laborer said, "Bert, you've gone a long way from the time we were laying tracks together."  The executive said, "No, Sam, that isn't quite correct.  You were laying tracks; I was building a railroad."

     Our life is not in fragments; work, home, recreation, family, etc.  ... it just appears that way.  Life is wholeness (holy) and whatever we "give to" any aspect of our life affects the "whole."  Life can only respond to what we "give it" ... and nothing more.  We are either laying tracks or building a railroad.  It's entirely up to us.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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