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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 21,  2014


Last week I shared with you some exceptional words from Mary Kupferle's book, "God Never Fails" ... and this week I want to share more with you as this book is out of print.  Not that this is new or so different than what has been revealed before by mystical teachers of Truth, but her way with words, her simplicity, I believe is so inspiring and I hope you think so too:  "RECENTLY I (Mary Kupferle) had the opportunity to see a magnificent diamond called the "Shah of Persia," said to be worth half a million dollars. About four inches in circumference and one inch in depth, it throbbed in its setting with liquid fire as though alive. The constantly changing, sparkling colors were unforgettably beautiful.
    Later that same day, looking over the rows of newly trimmed grapevines in the garden, I noticed the sap had begun to rise, and every pruned branch was starting to exude large globules of moisture. As the vine stirred, these globules caught the sunlight and flashed with a blinding brilliance surpassing even that of the famed "Shah of Persia." Diamonds out of the earth, into jewel, into vineyard, each beginning with the same source, God, the originator of all beauty! "Looking upon the grain of sand, we cannot tell how it cometh or whither it goeth, but we know that it is forever held in the bosom of the whole, the same as are the stars in the heavens and the gold in the earth."
       So it is that all goodness, all beauty, all truth starts with God, flows forth forever from the heart of God, whether it be in the form of a lovely jewel, a shining cluster of grapes, a towering pine, the phosphorescent beauty of the midnight ocean, a flaming sky, the melody of lark or mocking bird; whether it be abundance, joy, or radiant well-being for you and me, the highest-endowed of all God's creations.
        Thus it is, beloved, that to become aware of perfect health and strength we must begin where all health and strength begin, with God, the infinite source of eternal well-being. Thus it is, beloved, that to be conscious of radiant happiness and contentment we must begin with God, the author of divine fulfillment. Thus it is, beloved, that to know unfailing supply we must begin with God, the originator of everlasting abundance.
       It is only by beginning with God that we can behold the solution to all difficulties, only by starting with God that we can behold the truths about His kingdom and His children. It makes no difference what anyone appears to be or do, what it seems impossible for anyone to be or do, what changes are required in order to solve a problem, what transformation must be made in order to bring about light and understanding, peace and happiness. If we start with God it will be done!"

           The key word that Mary Kupferle includes in these short paragraphs is "behold" ... it is a spiritually powerful word for it denotes both faith and an act of using the Law of Attraction to impress our mind with the result that we desire to experience.  To "behold" G-d in anything is of course to behold the good.  To see beyond the physical appearance, the facts which can change, to behold in mind the image and likeness that G-d Intelligence has prepared for us, seeking to express through us.

            Mary L. Kupferle
writes more about seeing beyond appearances:  "When the appearance of illness or pain presents itself, we can begin either with limited reason and logic and cause, or by turning our heart to God, the author of unlimited and perfect health. When someone is unkind or critical, we can begin either with resentment and self-pity, or by turning our heart to God, the author of love. When the appearance of lack tends to arouse inharmony, we can begin either with faultfinding and condemnation, or by turning our heart to God, the author of abundance. When emotions upset and frighten us we can begin either by running from the situation, or by turning our heart to God, the author of peace and power.
      What is your problem right now, beloved?"

         This is a good question for most of us.  And many of us do turn to G-d, but too many of us turn back to our human emotions and reasoning far too quickly to ever have the realization of the Presence of Intelligence, Power and Spirit that is available to us in G-d.  Let us remind ourselves that to turn to G-d, our Source, is normal and natural to our soul.  The emotions and feelings that negate our good is from our mind being conditioned by the world's false idea of being separated from G-d.  

       Let's look at some more wisdom from Mary:  "Let us awaken to the Master's way of living, the way of radiantly joyous, successful living, by realizing that the only starting point in dealing with any circumstance, condition, or situation is God! No matter what we desire to demonstrate, if we will begin with God, good will result. Regardless of the appearance of any kind of ill-health, the only starting point of all life is God, and all that emanates from God can be only good. Regardless of the appearance of any kind of lack, the starting point of all activity is God, and all that emanates from Him.
Whatever your problem, beloved, begin with God, in your own way and your own words and your own prayers, the way that is simplest and easiest for you, and your heart's cry will be answered! Only begin with God! Even if you have tried many many times before this moment, try again to begin only with God, and you will behold Him in the midst of your problem!
       Every seeming difficulty or failure is an occasion for beginning with God. Every joy and success is an occasion for beginning with God. Every day is a day for beginning with God, every moment a moment for beginning with God. Every thought, every word, every act is an opportunity for beginning with God. When we allow all things to begin with God we shall see new beauty and truth, new wisdom and love, our world filled with radiance and glory, our self filled with the realization of our natural divinity and heritage of eternal joy."

The wise know that our life is to be lived with joy.  It is a gift of the Spirit that will cause us to always take an interest in life, to always seek to realize more of G-d in our mind, our heart and our soul.  It is in the spirit of joy that we can accept our good, feel deserving of it, and be willing to claim it even when all that we have known has been lack and limitation.  It is in the spirit of joy that we find love and happiness and peace and a greater awareness of the beauty in our world and within our own soul.

        Read this meditation and think of what these words mean for you personally.  If you are not comfortable referring to G-d as "Him" of "Father" feel free to change the words to that which resonates with your heart.

Meditation for Self-Help by Mary Kupferle

      "This is God's day. This is God's universe. The body I inhabit is God's holy temple. In Him I live and move and breathe and have my being. My Father and I are one.
     All the thoughts I think are God's thoughts. All the words I speak are God's words. All the deeds I do are God's deeds. I am here to express Him every day of this life and forever after.
     Every experience that comes to me is God's opportunity for more expression of Himself through me. I am required to do nothing "on my own"; for it is His wisdom and understanding, His love and peace, His joy and enthusiasm and inspiration that work through me to attain expression. I am God's radiant, progressive, successful child manifesting ever more and more of His glorious nature."

      Begin with G-d and experience the love within your heart, your mind and your soul, and let this love create for you, through you, all the things that increase this love for G-d and the good that is certain to be yours.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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