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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, September 22, 2013 

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               "The One Condition of Demonstration: What are the conditions?  Recognize it.  Never for an instant permit your mind to deal with any degree of intelligence - deal only and always with the one supreme superlative Intelligence, as Jesus did; then you will have sought and found the kingdom of God and his righteousness within and "all these things shall be added unto you." ... When you thus recognize nothing save the superlative degree of the one and only supreme Intelligence, you are complying with all the demands and teachings and commands in the whole Bible.  You are, for instance, "Acknowledging him in all thy ways."  You are "Making no graven image of the Lord thy God" (you cannot draw a picture, make an image, of the law of gravity, or the Intelligence that is God).  You are "Worshipping him in spirit and in truth."  You are believing that the thing you desire is already present.  In fact, the whole Bible story becomes clarified to your mind, see from this angle. ... Reduced to a mental formula it amounts to this:  I recognize nothing save the superlative degree of the one and only supreme Intelligence in every atom of matter, every point of space and every instant of time, within and without my physical body and all physical bodies.  Intelligence cannot act in any manner save intelligently.  Therefore, the whole universe serves me and recognizes me as its image and likeness.  Intelligence includes, order, harmony, poise, balance, abundance, health, happiness, and power and dominion." - Daniel Boone Herring, "Mind Surgery" (1931)

       For those who take the time to train their mind to mentally see G-d in all things and all people, tremendous possibilities will open up that will surprise even the most spiritually aware and knowledgeable.  As we recognize this Intelligence we call G-d, rather than be distracted by the appearances that are presented to us as either good or bad, we shall realize the truth of Jesus' statement that "the kingdom of G-d is within you."  And in this we will find that we lose all sensations of stress or strain as the ease and grace of the Spirit becomes the manner in which we approach all things in our lives.  It would be a rare person who can do this 100% of the time, but we can all do it more than we presently do.

     Those spiritual teachers who have gained this awareness to a large part explain it in various ways, but the term "thought atmosphere" seems to best define it.  It is apparent to most people without our telling anyone what we are "recognizing" or what it is that we are believing to be truth.  Emerson stated it roughly, but clearly when he said, "who you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you are saying."  This statement speaks to "thought atmosphere" ... which is affected by both our spirit and our personality.  It can be aggressive and arrogant, or it can be that which we strive for, a quiet confidence and assured peace that all things work to our good as we recognize G-d in Its All-ness.

      Nothing that we face is ever as important as our attitude towards it.  And, our attitude towards it is dependent on what we are "seeing" ... are we seeing G-d in the conditions and circumstances that we face or are we letting ourselves be mesmerized by the collective consciousness that holds both good and evil as dual powers?  Most people do not realize that they have been mesmerized by the false beliefs of the world.  And many people will argue for them.  When we are seeing G-d, we are seeing Intelligence; active and resolving all things to the good.

     As we keep the faith that all things are working for our good because All is Intelligence in form and substance, we want to establish in our mind a mental picture of ourselves being successful, prosperous, healthy and happy.  We must hold this picture of ourselves with conviction and never permit it to be diminished by any situation, circumstance or condition in the outer.  We must believe that tremendous possibilities are always available to us.  If we think and believe that it is possible for us to fail, to fall short of our ideals, then we shall prove this belief to be true.  Our highest thought about our life is that we are G-d expressing as that which we choose to experience ... the image and likeness of our thought atmosphere of confidence and assurance that this Intelligence that permeates the universe is a spark of the Divine within us.

     As I have stated before, many people are not aware of their habitual negative patterns of thought.  This need not concern us because as we train our mind to mentally see this Intelligence within us and all around us, these patterns will dissolve.  Let us be conscious, however, of our thoughts and mentally reject anything that does not support our good desires or the ideal life experience that we are accepting and expecting for ourselves.

     Let us be mindful of the words we use, every day.  Mentally reject those words that self-depreciate or negate the spirit of others.  Never use words that speak to defeat, failure, fear or worry. We must be conscious of our words and quickly cancel them out by affirming the powerlessness of anything that contradicts the good.  We must know within ourselves that there is only good and negative words have no power to obstruct our good.  As we cleanse our conversations of negativity, we shall find that less and less of the negative appears in our experience, both thoughts and words.

     Through our recognition of G-d and G-d only ... or Intelligence and Intelligence only ... we may find ourselves getting anxious to demonstrate our good desires.  When anxious thoughts come to our mind we should, as soon as practical and possible, sit in the silence and not just imagine or visualize, but mentally focus on our desires and ideal experiences as being made manifest or demonstrated already and see ourselves "in the images" we mentally foster in our mind.  Relax with these mental images ... put motion and flow into them ... get into the feeling of these images being the truth for you and about you ... keep all of this secret between you and the Spirit that is responding to you through a spiritual law, sensing your acceptance and receptivity of more and more good.

     As we do these things, in the secret place of our own mind, this Intelligence that listens to our heart, responds to our thoughts and words, and realizes with us that which we believe to be true for us, provides for us tremendous possibilities for the greater things still that are ours to experience.  Let us know at the deepest level of our heart and soul that
"when that which is perfect comes, that which is imperfect comes to an end."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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