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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 24, 2017


             This past week I was reminded once again that even those who have great knowledge of spiritual principles can use a reminder regarding the Law of Correspondence.  In simple terms it can be defined as "Cause and Effect" and in the ancient wisdom we can find the statement "as you sow so shall you reap."  In all instances these are referring to that which we hold in consciousness.  What thoughts we sow into consciousness we shall reap as we are creating a "cause" that will automatically, without any conscious thought on our part, creates an "effect."  This applies to everything that concerns us; finances, relationships, marriages, health, happiness and our mental state.  These spiritual, also referred to as mental, laws are universal.  They are not punishment or retribution for our sins or weaknesses or human failings.  In truth, they are the greatest gift we have received from the Intelligence, Power and Spirit that is the Cause of All Creation.  But, they are realized as a gift only through spiritual understanding.  As we can read in the Book of Proverbs in the ancient wisdom:  "Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom:  and with all thy getting get understanding."  These words are just as true today as they have been throughout history.

              Let us study the following message, first published in 2010, for wisdom and understanding:

             "SUPPLY:  Correspondent/Cause:  desperation – always abused – quarrel with self – confusion – hopeless struggle – doubt – non acceptance – disorder – inharmony.
Solution (treatment):  peace rega
rding the nee
d – faith in the Universe – abundance – God the Source – a positive choosing, a definite asked for – gratitude – acceptance – love.
" - W. Frederick Keeler, Christian Victory Instruction

In the teachings of Jesus and the evolutionary science of mind, we learn that "all is consciousness" ... that is, all that we are aware of comes from our measure of knowing the truth that "all is G-d and all is good."  A great teacher said:  "All that you have is evidence of your consciousness out-pictured in your experience."  So we know that in order to have evidence of more of the good that we desire to experience, we must find within our mind ... within our thoughts ... that which is limiting our good and eliminate it so that the flow of more and more good will show up in our daily experiences.  At first, this may seem almost impossible, but when we realize that the Spirit and Law are found in "simplicity" ... then, we realize that what we may think is a minor thing, may in truth, be the enormous obstruction that is blocking the flow of good and more good from manifesting in our life experiences.

     Long before Louise Hay wrote her spiritual masterpiece, "You Can Heal Your Life" in 1984, W. Frederick Keeler wrote, "Christian Victory Instruction" in 1945.  Both books provide for us insight into the "cause" behind the issues that we want to transcend or heal, and the "solutions" that are available to us to do just that.  Every difficulty has a "mental cause" and every difficulty has a "mental solution" ... knowing this, we can look at the evidence presented to us in the physical; i.e. financial lack, illness, emotional disturbances, etc. ... and focus on the "mental solution" ... taking our mind off the problem and directing our energy to the solution.  Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote that "poverty is a mental dis-ease" ... and so we know that "prosperity is a mental acceptance" of more and more good.

The benefits to understanding the "broad definition" of "mental cause" is that we may find something within our "beliefs" that is "limiting" us that we are not aware of.  I received a message from someone and at the bottom of the message this statement was written:  "Belief is passive.  Faith is active."  In the spiritual, this is not wholly the truth.  Our subconscious responds to our "beliefs" automatically and precisely.  Whatever we hold as true at the deepest level of our mind, will be validated in our experiences.  And often we are not aware of what these "beliefs" are until they are evidenced in our experiences.  Faith is active but is dependent on our beliefs.  Very few of us are willing to act on something that we do not believe in.  And, often we have faith in people and things that do not benefit us.

     Let's take a look at W. Frederick Keeler's "Correspondent or Cause" that manifests as lack of supply, or financial struggle, in our lives.  Do we identify with any of these things for our self or for someone else?  Each of these "correspondents" is something that we have accepted mentally; confusion, desperation, doubt, disorder, etc.  ... and if we are having issues with "supply" in any form; money, love, health, happiness, etc. ... then, it is time for us to eliminate these mental acceptances, and accept something better for our self and for others.  So, we look at the "Solution or treatment" that will manifest as more and more good manifesting in our experience.  In other words, we want to "get the consciousness" of abundance and prosperity, health, happiness, etc.  ... only as we "get the consciousness" can we be assured that the good that we "accept" for ourselves will be made manifest in our experiences.  There is no "secret" to this ... it has been known since the Master Mind Jesus taught, "it is done unto you as you believe" ... the only "secret" is that we must "establish the consciousness" in the "secret place of the Most High G-d" ... that is, "deeply within our mind" as a strong belief in the good, which in turn, establishes faith that is powerful.

     The answer to prayer must come from an "inner knowing" that more and more good is available and that the Infinite responds to our specific "asking" for it to be made manifest in our lives.  This "inner knowing" cannot be dependent on anything in the "physical" but dependent on Principle, First Cause, G-d, Infinite Power and Intelligence.  And each and every one of us has the ability to "establish this consciousness" ... as we choose to experience more and more good, every day in every way.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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