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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 25, 2011 

              "I am part of the movement of the Divine. I do not waste my energy in needless or useless activity. All activity in my life is directed toward my goal; therefore, it has meaning. Everything I do is related to the achievement of my desire. In this way my energy is utilized in its fullest power. I do not spend unnecessary time contemplating details. I know the direction of Divine Activity takes care of all details.

       At all times I am at my best and give my utmost to every endeavor. My work is completed on time. I give the right attention each experience merits. I am up to date in my thinking and up to date in every phase of my living. All activity in my life is divinely coordinated, directed, and fulfilled.

      This consciousness of right activity dissolves any belief in inaction. My life cannot stand still, for its expression is the constant unfoldment of Divine Activity fulfilling Its goal. Every thought and every feeling bears witness to this progress.

   And so it is. - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, "Divine Activity"

       "Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established." - Proverbs 16:3 KJ Bible

       I firmly believe that there is a spiritual radiance to holidays that mark significant events in time.  And Rosh Hashanah is one of these significant events in time.  It comes just before the last Quarter of the Calendar Year, just in time for us to examine and evaluate what we have experienced in the previous nine months of the year.  Particularly, it gives us the opportunity to note the progress we have made in regards to the goals and aspirations we have set out to accomplish for the year.  Rosh Hashanah, for Jewish people has a distinctly different meaning, but for those of us not of the Jewish faith, it can be a time to pause and reflect, to re-establish our faith and our hope in achieving those things that are close to our hearts that we desire to accomplish.

     A few years back the book, "The Secret" was being sold by the millions, endorsed by Oprah, and was talked about on almost every "talk" television and radio program.  It gave so many people hope that they could transcend the conditions of their lives and manifest a greater prosperity and happiness by following the concepts outlined in the book.  The book had promise.  The number of "marketing" people who attached themselves to it were proof of that.  But, "The Secret" was missing something significant ... the warmth and color of the Spirit when It is present in our experiences.  It was a "self-help" book that lacked the awareness that "I, of mine own self can do nothing."  And so instead of producing millions of millionaires, it made millionaires out of a few "marketers" and a very few others.   It can be purchased on Amazon.com for 1-penny, $.01 cents ... now.  Spiritual demonstration is "caused" by a combination of Love and Law, both are necessary for our results to contain the joy that we expect from them.

     Yet, all that needed to be added to the book to make it of lasting value, is G-d ... the Intelligence that provides us with both the know-how, but also the loving inspiration to accomplish the things we seek to accomplish.  This is why the radical Jesus said, "do not let your hearts be troubled" .... because he knew that the Holy Spirit, that is, the "Loving" nature of G-d, Infinite Intelligence ... would do for us, through us, what our hearts desire.  Without our awareness that there is Something Greater working with us, it is horrendously difficult to transcend misery, severe illness, and poverty.  And, yes, we all have our work to do, but we must recognize and acknowledge the work of the Spirit, consciously and persistently, for us to realize the benefits of spiritual healing.

     Dr. Bitzer writes,
"My life cannot stand still, for its expression is the constant unfoldment of Divine Activity fulfilling Its goal."  Let us take special note of the words "fulfilling Its goal" ... and, what is "Its goal" ... nothing but to create that which we have, by our choices and faith, decided to do, to be, or to have.  The Spirit works for us, but we get to choose the results of this work.  The Spirit follows our faith and decisions, precisely and perfectly.  Sometimes even to the point that until we realize the results, we aren't even aware of our perfectly our choices can be demonstrated.

     Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset on September 28th through nightfall on September 30th, giving us plenty of time to reflect on our experiences of this year so far.  During this time we can make a list, or look at our list of things that we want to accomplish this year and see what progress we have made.  If no progress has been made, we can begin to involve the Spirit in our lives in a greater way through prayer, spiritual treatment, affirmations, meditation, or just by simply sitting in the silence of our mind and listening for that "still small voice" that will thunder through our consciousness, if we are persistent enough ... and It will guide us and provide us with the ideas, the love, the inspiration, and most importantly the awareness, that we need, so that we can experience the good results that we desire.

     With G-d, every year can be a "good year" ... let us make this time of Rosh Hashanah, our time with G-d, and pray in alignment with both Love and Law for the things that are important to us. 
Let's not lose sight of this Power and Presence that intelligently prepares a way for us to realize the best of times and the best of everything, beginning right now.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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