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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 25, 2016

             Especially during this political season in America religious leaders are getting a lot of publicity in the Media.  And, I am sure many of their followers are thrilled to read their "opinions" regarding the current state of our culture and the political implications of voting for certain political candidates.  But, for those who "think" and look for "wisdom" in what is said or written about, we realize that all this is just so much "poison" in the Collective Consciousness.  This is something that the wise cannot ignore but must be proactive in rejecting so much of it.  No matter how "enlightened" someone may believe themselves to be, we are all "subjected" on a subconscious level by the dominant thoughts planted in the Collective Consciousness.  This is why so often for those who don't daily affirm their faith in the Good; that is, in the Intelligence of G-d, find themselves confronted with situations and issues that diminish their quality of life.  

            Reverend Ike was so much of a "personality" that sometimes people overlooked his great wisdom and he gave all of us something that will benefit us greatly if put into daily practice and that is to "reject mentally" and "immediately" anything that comes to our attention that is "false" or negative in nature; i.e. beliefs in heredity diseases, superstitions, or those things that are just blatantly untrue about our relationship to G-d and G-d's Nature.  We can read a profound truth in the ancient scriptures:  "In Him (Wisdom, Love, Truth) we live and move and have our being."  But religion has maintained its position in keeping their adherents to instead follow the "man-made-god" of religion.  This has been the case for centuries and continues to this day.  
Phineas Parkhurst Quimby best known for his healing method that many accepted as "mesmerism" passed from this life in 1866 teaching a "Higher Truth" for all who were willing to listen and to study and through his work healed many who had accepted the false-ness of "incurable disease" and were experiencing its effects. 

"Here is a difference between a religious man and Jesus. God to the religious man is separate and apart from the human family and watches over them as a parent watches over his children. They stand to God as a servant to his master, ready to obey his call, and if they are in want, he thinks it is for their good. He grants their prayers if he thinks best, but if he chooses to do otherwise, it is all right. So they are always looking for this unknown God that is in them and they know it not. Now my God, that is, P.P.Q's, is his wisdom; and his senses (P.P.Q's) are attached to his God. So he lives and moves and his life is in the wisdom or God, and his prayer is to know more of himself, that is, this wisdom or God." - Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

               It is this "God as separate and apart from humans" that has created so much discord and calamity in so many people's lives and in the world at large.  It is a belief that separates us from the very power inherent within us as part of our creation.  This belief that God is some "Super Humanoid" and that Jesus or some other deity is this Super Humanoid's only child or Anointed One is a gross fairytale that has separated us not only from G-d but from each other.  It is the reason so many believe that they can "take someone's life" when in Reality no human can take another's life for all life, like G-d, is eternal Spirit.  And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the influence of these false beliefs about G-d in our laws and in our culture and in how the relationships the governments of countries across the globe have been influenced.

               Do we want to live in a world that reflects "peace on Earth and good will toward mankind"?  If we do, then we must begin first to rid ourselves of the religious and political poison that has been imposed upon us.  It is not always easy to do this.  I am reminded of someone who was quite the celebrity in Los Angeles and Hollywood for years.  He was a student of New Thought philosophies although he had been born into a Catholic family and spent his early life attending Mass and following Catholic traditions.  When it neared time for his passing from this life, he chose to have a Catholic Mass for his funeral even though he had rejected this religion philosophically for over 40+ years.  The religion that had instilled within him as a young child the fear of hell and the promise of a heaven out there somewhere was still fastened in his mind. 

            Mankind's willingness to live outside of the wisdom of G-d; the Intelligence that is the Source of All Creation, continues to effect diseases that were unknown in the past and has created even more divisiveness in our culture based on "effects" such as race, nationality, religion, politics and more.  We are One but we will never realize this Reality until we begin "living in wisdom."  We have the Intelligence within us to live a healthy life, a happy life and a prosperous life.  This Intelligence is all around us, pressing against us, within every fiber of our being seeking to be recognized as the truth of us.  We must know this not just on a conscious level, not just philosophically, not just intellectually, "we must know it as G-d as us" and then and only then shall we realize the magnificence of living in wisdom.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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