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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 26, 2010 

                                          "We need not wonder if the words of our prayers are correct, only if they are sincere.  We need not ask what form of worship is acceptable to the Spirit, merely, are we drawing closer to Divine Love?  We need not ask, will the law of life respond to our approach? but only, are we having faith?  We need not ask, will Divine Love reward us for our good works? but, are we thinking only in the terms of Divine Love?  We need not ask, does our intellect comprehend the meaning of life? only, are we sincerely following the teachings of Truth?  Have we humbled our spiritual pride and intellectual arrogance?  Have we sought the Kingdom as a child? ... Again let us remember the two fundamental principles on which the entire teaching of the Master Mind Jesus was based - the understanding of the universe as a combination of love and law, of person and principle, of feeling and force. ... His entire philosophy was based on the concept that Divine Love and Law are everywhere present.  They are available to all who comply with their nature.  Complying with the law of love is what is called "knowing the truth."  It was a knowledge of this truth that enabled Jesus to perform those wonderful acts which his age, and the ages since, have looked upon as miracles." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, Words That Heal Today (modified)

      Far too many of us lack faith in our ability to pray and get a response from G-d, Infinite Spirit.  Yet, the Spirit is, in truth, so personal to each of us that we need never doubt that It responds to us.  But, this response is formed through a combination of Love and Law which is the nature of G-d.  Through Prayer-Treatment we align our mind with G-d's nature and through this universal love and law, we can accept a greater good with confident faith.

    My goal in presenting these lessons on Prayer-Treatment is two-fold; one, because I was requested to do so by someone I admire and respect, and two, I want to get as many people as possible to pray every day in an effective way so that they too can begin to realize the good results of their prayers.  My hope is that no one is turned off by the terminology used to describe Prayer-Treatment.  It has been called Spiritual Mind Treatment, Scientific Prayer, Spiritual Treatment ... and just simply, treatment.  It could be very easily be called a "Jesus-Prayer-Treatment" ... for the Radical Rabbi himself used it ... and Dr. Ernest Holmes discovered it from studying the healing works of Jesus as described in the Gospels.  Although it is not specifically noted in the Bible, the enlightened mind will find it just as easily as Dr. Holmes.  And, it works effectively for everyone who is persistent in its practice no matter what religion or spiritual philosophy one may be involved with.  Like Almighty God Itself, Love and Law are no respecter of persons and so this method of using the Power of Infinite Mind, will work for everyone.

     Once again, let's review the 5-Steps of Prayer-Treatment;
1) Recognition, 2) Unity/Identification, 3) Realization/Declaration, 4) Thanksgiving/Acceptance, 5) Release.  In previous weeks I wrote about Steps 1-4 ... these messages are included on the 2010 Archive page.  This week, I will cover, "Release" ... the 5th and final Step in the mental process of Prayer-Treatment.

     In the last book co-authored by Dr. Ernest Holmes, "A New Design for Living," he defines 4-Steps of Prayer-Treatment eliminating the 5th-Step, "Release."  I write this as I believe that we will each "evolve" the Steps of Prayer-Treatment as we consistently practice this method of prayer.  Different metaphysical teachers have taught 3, 5, 6, and even 7 Steps of Prayer-Treatment.  Intuitively we will always know which way in which to pray, but I believe that we lose the effectiveness of our prayer if we dismiss the "Identification/Unity" aspect of Prayer-Treatment.  In this step we realize that we are "using" a "power greater than we are" ... or as the Master Mind Jesus stated,
"I, of mine own self can do nothing."  Our words are powerless unless they are "unified" with the Power of the Infinite.  Without this "identification and unity" with G-d, it is almost impossible to eliminate doubt about the outcome of our prayer and therefore we cannot "release" our words. 

     When we "release" our words knowing that they have power to transcend our current conditions and circumstances, our mind must be devoid of doubt and uncertainty.  If doubt is resident in our mind, then we cannot release our words because we have not truly "accepted" them as the truth for us, yet.  In other words, we are still holding on to what we have in the physical, rather than acknowledging mentally what we have accepted on the "Un-Seen Side of Life" ... in the Spirit.  I believe that many of us continue to doubt that G-d responds to us.  And for some, it may seem just too easy to be true.  But, let me assure everyone, it is always true, but not always easy.  Each of us are affected by different life experiences in different ways.  Too many of us still let our emotions get attached to the issues that we are confronted with.  And, as long as we are attached emotionally to the conditions and circumstances we are experiencing, we can't "release" the words that will transcend them.

     If we are still experiencing doubt when we reach Step-5, then we go back to Steps 1-4 and repeat the process until our mind is convinced.  Then we can simply state, "and so it is" or "amen" or words that mean completion to us  ... and our words will go forth into the Love and Law of Spirit to be made manifest in the right and perfect time and in the right and perfect way ... just as if we were planting a seed into fertile soil!

     This is an example of the 5th Step, "Release": 
"Knowing and accepting that I have spoken the right and perfect words that give over to the One Mind, G-d, the specific result that I seek to have, to do, or to be, I now release these words knowing that it is "the Father that doeth the work" ... that is, this Infinite Presence, Power and Intelligence working through Love and Law to perfect that which concerns me, now.  In this consciousness, I let go and let the Divine do Its Perfect work for me, through me.  And so it is, Amen ... I let it be so."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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