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Weekly Message for Sunday, September 28, 2003

                       From Emmet Fox, "God intended us to have dominion over our lives, to be the captain of our souls...Now, if we are to be captain of our souls, then we must speak with authority, as Jesus did...The point is a subtle one because outwardly we may desire a certain thing, but inwardly we have a fear of demonstrating it."

         There are those who believe that Life is a test.  To those people I would state that if Life is a test, then we create the test and we create the consciousness that either passes or fails the test.  There is nothing outside of our own consciousness that is "testing" us.  Whether we succeed or fail in the things that we pursue is determined by whether we control our fears or let our fears control us.

         Emmet Fox tells us that we must "speak with authority," and this statement carries a great deal of significance in measuring our success in demonstrating whatever it is that we want to demonstrate.  If we are experiencing the appearance of illness ... we must never speak the words that give power and validity to the illness.  The more we discuss our illnesses and the more mention we make of the experience of diminished health, the more we are unlikely to succeed in moving into a greater experience of revitalized health.  The same holds true of our desire for any Good thing we want to experience more of.  We must "speak from the demonstration" even if this means all our conversations of perfect health in time of illness, prosperity in the time of financial lack, and loving companionship in the time of loneliness ... is limited to a conversation with God only.  Oftentimes, when we declare health in the midst of illness or the opposite of any discord we may be experiencing ... those around us may not understand that we are speaking from a "Higher Truth" that transcends our current condition or situation.  It is best to keep our declarations or affirmations between us and like-minded individuals or limit them to God.

       We know without a doubt that all that we speak with conviction ... comes from our thinking ... and our thinking generates the energy of healing and attracts to us opportunities and ideas that create the changes that we seek to see manifest in our lives.  Dr. Ernest Holmes in his book, "This Thing Called You," stated:  "When you think with complete conviction, the Law of Mind will operate on your thought exactly as you think it, for the thing, condition, or person you are thinking about."

       As we begin the process of creating conviction within ourselves, we may find ourselves stumbling at first (in our minds), but as we remain persistent, the conviction will come and this conviction will energize the Law of Mind according to our measure of conviction  and will certainly .... demonstrate the Good we seek to experience.  There is no mystery to the Law of Mind ... it is precise ... and therefore it must be used with precision ... and as we "Stake Our Claim" with conviction it brings to us precisely what we speak into It!


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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