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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for September 28,  2014

           More and more people have left the religious practices and faith-based theologies of their parents and grandparents and have become spiritual seekers and this trend continues throughout the world.  And in this spiritual seeking most have found there are so many ways to pray and most of us have experienced more than a few.  And most of us have had times when we felt disappointed in the results of our prayers.  But, whether our prayers were answered or not, our prayers did change us.  It is the nature of prayer to do so, for prayer is always within the mind of the person praying and this is where we connect with G-d, Infinite Spirit, and come into that realization that we do believe in Something beyond the physical/material world in which we live.  Rare is the person who thinks, speaks or writes a simple, sincere prayer, that does not feel a greater joy in their heart through this communion with the Spirit.

      Prayer does not change G-d ... prayer changes the one praying and this we can find evidence of in our own personal life as we understand that "thoughts" are prayers and sustained and persistent thoughts, create faith.  This is why the statement "pray without ceasing" has sustained meaning throughout the history of mankind.  It has been said that the "highest prayer" is not the one where we ask for things ... but I don't believe this is necessarily true.  I believe that the prayer that causes us to have a continuing personal relationship with G-d is the "highest prayer" ... no matter what it is that we seek through prayer.  Our mind has been conditioned to think that "charity" is more godly than "capitalism" ... yet, it takes capital to support charities so how can this be so?

     Prayer is our way of consciously focusing our mind on what it is that we believe in.  If our prayer is filled with uncertainty or doubt, we realize that we must cultivate a greater faith; faith in both G-d and our ability to realize the good results that we seek through prayer.   Faith, according to the ancient scriptures,
"is the substance of things hoped for."  And in this, we can be certain that this "substance" requires us to be focused.  It is the greater things that we pray for that truly unify us with G-d, for it is in the greater things that we realize that G-d is necessary for their fulfillment ... and so this desire for the greater things is what impels us to seek to know G-d in a greater way.  If we were to pray that our dinner would be tasty and satisfying, our attention to G-d would end at the end of our meal.  But as we seek that something greater to have, to do, or to be, we am going to be spending a great deal more time focused on G-d, seeking to understand this relationship to the Infinite in our own personal way.

Much of prayer is speaking, yet much of it is listening.  And the speaking we do in prayer is important, but the listening is even more important.  For it is as we listen that God speaks.  And it is when we are still that God acts.  It is in the silence that the word of God is uttered and the work of God is done. - James Dillet Freeman, "Be" 

          Prayer that is powerful enough to sustain our survival in health, happiness, prosperity and joy, brings us the "experience of G-d" in our lives.  In back of every Good desire that enters our mind and heart, is our underlying desire to know that G-d is for us.  Few can deny this as the truth.  And those who do, will never experience the fullness of Life.  We know how to walk, by walking.  We know how to talk by talking. To sing by singing. To know G-d is to experience G-d, not as just a Principle, or as a word, but as a Presence in our life.  Some people shy away from the word G-d or even reject it entirely, but this simple 3-letter word has great power for its power is felt throughout the collective consciousness of mankind.

     Many of us have arrived at the point in our spiritual development where we realize that prayer is recognizing that G-d Is.  And in knowing that G-d Is, we know that our Good Is too.  But, without prayer, we can easily lose sight of this and find our faith diminishing.  There is little difference between an atheist and someone who says they believe in G-d but does not pray.  For to believe in G-d is to believe in prayer. 
"Faith without works is dead ..." we can read in the ancient scriptures, because the author of these words knew that faith must have life to it.  Answered prayer gives our faith life and substance.

Prayer is essential, not to the salvation of the soul, for the soul is never lost; but to the conscious well-being of the soul that does not understand itself.  There is a vitality in our communion with the Infinite, which is productive of the highest good.  As fire warms the body, as food strengthens us, as sunshine raises our spirits, so there is a subtle transfusion of some invisible force in such communion, weaving itself into the very warp and woof of our own mentalities.  This conscious commingling of our thought with Spirit is essential to the well-being of every part of us. -
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind & Spirit

     Throughout the scriptures there are stories of prayers being demonstrated in the lives of simple people.  People who were blessed with greater abundance, greater health, and greater success.  These stories of successful prayer have continued throughout history, proving that prayer has life to it.  Everyone can pray and everyone can have their prayers answered in the affirmative.  As I mentioned above, there are many ways to pray, and it is up to us to find the one that works for us.  We must seek the right way for us and be determined to experience G-d as answered prayer; a powerful loving action in our life that sustains the survival of our spirit.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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